Honestly speaking I don’t think I’ve read a worse take on Conte in my entire life.

He came into a Juventus side that finished 7th and won the league in his first season, going unbeaten in the process. Barzagli was a £250k CB, Pogba didn’t exist, his main strike options were Matri, Quagliarela, Vucinic and his full backs were De Ceglie and Lichsteiner. He had the likes of Simone Pepe in his midfield.

He literally arrived at a broken club and won the title unbeaten and improved the performances of EVERYONE and built a team that would become the most dominant Italian team of that decade by some distance. He laid the foundations for that so to sit here and shit on his success with ignorant statements like “I would have won the Serie A with that midfield trio” - a trio that DID NOT even exist at the time. There was no Pogba in the first team when he arrived. He didn’t even play until 12-13 season and even when he did he was FAR from his peak. He was a baby.

He came to Chelsea and won the PL with a record number of wins in his first season (at that point)

He brought Inter Milan it’s first Scudetto in something like 10 or more years.

You just don’t know what you’re talking about. You have some really bad takes but the problem is you do it and you don’t actually have a clue.

What manager is meant to be successful without spending money? Klopp, Pep needed hundreds of millions to win titles with their respective clubs in England. Arteta has needed hundreds of millions to get the club where they are

It’s just this total twitter nerd rubbish that managers that need investment aren’t good coaches.

And he HAS gotten a lot out of average players and just because it isn’t happening now at a club he doesn’t care about has nothing to do with him suddenly being a bit exposed or “his myth” being punctured.

Everybody knows what Conte is. Everybody. And the same criticism you’re labelling at him for not being flexible can be levelled at Klopp, Pep, Arteta who all had the way of football they wanted to play and didn’t veer from that until they had their hundreds of millions spent to get them there


Joshua: shit talks Conte



There aren’t many managers better than Conte and his success at most clubs has been quick and decisive, without several seasons of building a team.

At spurs, he went in and within a few games turned them from a club in turmoil, to a top four side.
The fact it’s not going right for him this season is more down to the ownership of the club than him.

In recent seasons they have sacked Pochettino, Nuno and Mourinho, so if Conte is the next to go, it would seem it’s their board that is at fault rather than their managers.

It would be interesting to know how many of the signings they’ve made with Conte were players he wanted or if it was Levy making the transfer decisions.

I actually think Conte deserves stick because he basically spent ages telling the press his squad is shit and he’s also stubborn in his approach and that’s simply because he’s trying to prove a point but it’s to the detriment of his teams results. And I don’t care if he only took the job for 18 months he took the job and if he felt he could do more in 18 months and he doesn’t then that falls on him.

I totally believe Conte at Spurs hasn’t worked. It’ll be a blot on his record. But every manager in the PL that’s currently highly regarded has got there by spending a tonne of money and needing a few seasons to get there team up to speed (except Pep who only needed one season to get there).

It’s just bizarre that people are criticising Conte for things they’d defend other managers for. Oh he’s stubborn and inflexible like pretty much every top coach in Europe is. Oh he needs to spend money to be successful as if teams without money and investment win major trophies lol


As much as I loathe Juventus for obvious reasons what @SRCJJ has said here is absolutely correct, what he has done with the clubs he has managed is to be admired, Juve’s run wasn’t achieved because everyone else was shit, he had his plaudits across the board in Italy.
If we didn’t have Arteta I would still like him here despite his previous clubs association’s, because we as a club are not like spurs and to tell you the truth I see a lot of George Graham in him and that ended up alright.


Conte is washed. Dead tactics. Spurs have conceded first in nearly all their games this season or some shit.


Conte is a top coach given his history and so is Mourinho.

However, when we are talking about where they stand among all top coaches, I would always rate them lower.
Levels of management IMO -

  • Winning titles with expensive players while playing defensive football is hard.
  • Winning titles with expensive players while playing attacking football is harder.
  • Winning titles with a really good bunch of players while playing defensive football is harderer.
  • Winning titles with a really good bunch of players while playing attacking football is hardererer.

This is why Klopp is a GOAT.
If Arteta wins PL this season, it would be a really big achievement - second only to Klopp.

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Leaked documents found at Spuds training ground. This is apparently the tactics board:

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Did you even read what I wrote? If he’s able to do that why can’t he do it at Spurs with all the money they spent?

Does Conte let you keep your rings on when you service him or does he make you take them off.

I watch the same game you do and draw my own conclusions. I think his powers are somewhat overrated. You think he’s the Messiah. We’re not going to agree on it.

GlastonSpur is on to something.

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Love the serial loser in his avatar lol while he talks nonsense about Conte

You found my secret profile on a Spurs forum.

@SRCJJ when he reads this herecy :slight_smile:

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Looking at the table, they could very easily finish 9th or 10th this year if the situation with Conte continues to deteriorate.

Brighton goes ahead of them by winning their game in hand. Liverpool is somehow only a point behind them if they win their game in hand. Brentford the same. Chelsea four behind and gaining strength, Villa five behind and playing pretty well.

I expect Fulham to fall into the bottom half eventually but that’s five clubs that could very easily leap Spurs.

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That guy is an absolute mong, used to post on Redcafe regularly until they mocked him the fuck out for some of the outrageous shit he’d come out with :rofl:

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I believe his tagline was “Also disliked on an Aston Villa forum.”

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I thought I recognised that username :rofl:

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Yeah :rofl:

I go over to Redcafe for a giggle, this guy was posting on there full time like he was a United fan, except his agenda was very much Spursy.
Never really understood fans like that to be fair :joy:


Redcafe is full of non united fans. Fucking weird tbh.

yeah Arsenal fans have littered redcafe.
I wanted to read biased posts from United fans on their title race thread and it was full of Arsenal fans.