Samuel Umtiti

Autocorrect :bellcry:

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Until he plays less minutes than D Suarez :laughing:

But yeah if anything it has to be an initial loan, can’t risk that kind of money on a physically shot defender.

I like Umtiti but I really think this loaning malarkey is a load of bollocks. Fine, if we’re in a tight spot in January and a quick loan deal can be put together to tide us over till the end of the season, that’s great.

It would be so Arsenal to bring Umtiti to the club in loan for a season, he plays a brilliant campaign, Raul is chuffed and signs him for £40M. We then play Bayern Munich in the Emirates Cup and Umtiti’s knees explode and he’s crocked to shit for the foreseeable.

I think if a loan with option to buy was on the table, it would make sense for a lot of reasons.

First, we can assess his fitness without the massive transfer free. If he gets a long injury, then we’ve not lost out on as much. However, if he excels, then we have the ability to sign him permanently. Secondly, a loan this season saves a lot of our budget. Might be a biggish loan fee but we can save most of our funds and spend it elsewhere.


Loan with option to buy for Umtiti

Buy then loan Saliba.

5D chess let’s do it.

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I see the logic in it however, it still comes down to the same thing eventually. If we were going to permanently buy him; paying a sizeable sum + big time wages. And he still remains a near broken player, no matter how good he is.

I’d rather we sign a group of young defenders and start bedding them in before we get rid of Emery.