Ryan Fraser



I’m sure that will go down well with Fraser’s camp.

Hopefully things get nasty

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No way Bournemouth can leave 20 - 25 million the table, the narrative will twist and change all summer. They’re being ballsy now because they have so much time but they really should just sort this out or they’ll regret it like we did with Ramsey.

To me this pretty much says:
He will stay unless you pay up, gooners.

In September 2018, at the request of Ryan’s representative, negotiations were paused to allow the player to focus entirely on his football

Bournemouth are as stupid as Arsenal it seems :mustafi:


It wasn’t an issue last summer.

Which bit?
The not being nearly good enough and doing bare minimum or a net spend of 50m on mid table level players or going into the new season unprepared with gaping holes in positions we have failed miserably to fill?
I would have thought that describes the last window fairly accurately.
We have assembled the worst squad I can remember, which is mainly Wenger’s fault.
So how can we have had any window that is anything other than inadequate?

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When a club publicly airs contract situations like that, it’s usually a sign of desperation.


Honestly not fussed about this transfer in the slightest. Won’t be the difference between us and getting in the top four


It might be the difference between a player wearing an Arsenal shirt successfully managing to cross the ball from wide tho


As well as beating a few players to get in the position to do it.

This is where we can use our power as a bigger club and haggle. If Fraser and his team know there is genuine interest from us, he won’t rush to sign a new deal. Although we couldn’t afford to lose Ramsey on a free, Bournemouth definately can’t afford to lose Fraser for nothing. None of the other top six clubs would be interested, but the likes of Wolves, Leicester, West Ham and Everton may make a move and we need to be wary of all of them.

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Although I agree with you, just Imagine someone saying something like that a few seasons ago.
Being wary of Wolves, Leicester, West Ham and Everton, in the transfer market, isn’t what we moved to the Emirates for.


So this transfer died before it even got going. We might get desperate towards the end of the window if we fail to get Zaha

I admire your optimism. :grinning:

There’s a part of me that can’t quite rule out a dumb fuck / full retard Thomas Lemar type bid on the last day. Although, it does look like we don’t even have two bob to rub together :arteta:

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I’m sure we’ll make some sort of a derisory bid to keep the supporters happy but we’re not paying 80m for Zaha because, like you say, we’re the paupers of the PL.

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Clear as day Emery doesn’t really rate him, probably available at half of what it’d cost for Zaha.

Still can pick him up on a free or in January but doubt it.

Only room for one Scot at Arsenal and it ain’t you, lad.

The dream of an all Scottish left side is dead :disappointed: @Electrifying