Robin Van Persie


I would take RVP back, we never replaced him so at least we could finally replace him :wink: but seriously he could probably still do a decent job for a season


Wtf. Apparently close to losing his eye…


Just read about this. T’was a serious eyelid injury. Hope he’s ok.


Feck me, wouldn’t wish that on him even if he is a bit of a dick.





Thank god he should not lose his eye.



Saw the video of him colliding which lead to his eyelid cut.
That player must have some sharp forehead to give Persie a cut.


Guess who came to my mind…


Set to sign for his former team, Feyenoord.


Not sure what he is going to do there.


Play football and end his career


I like it when players go full circle :slightly_smiling_face:


Surprised the little boy inside him didn’t tell him to join Ajax.


It’s a nice move for the romantic, but getting to 3rd place and play in the Eredivisie doesn’t really sound that exciting. A move for the money and/or adventure (MLS) would be more enticing in my opinion.


That’s a valid opinion


He is retiring… a less competitive league is expected.
He has past the age to look for more excitement.


The MLS isn’t more competitive than the Eredivisie.

This is exactly the moment to look for excitement.


I live in Los Angeles, don’t talk MLS to me…it is a league for amateurs and oldies…like Ashley Cole…

I can easily getting asleep in the middle of the game.