Robin Van Persie


A double signing of Lacazette and van Persie would be a dream move by the club to eradicate our issues in CF.

Although I don’t think van Persie on his own would be enough for us. He is not as sharp and quick as he once was. He looked shot of his former self in his final season at United despite still having something to offer.

He is still a massive upgrade on Giroud though and that’s not even a slight on Giroud. RvP is still a top class footballer.


Really? This guy? At this age? With all his injury problems? And with what he did to us? Hell no.


Imagine if we did sign him.

It would mean we have waited longer than any club in Europe to sign a striker since we sold RVP more than four seasons ago.

Then when we do actually sign a striker the player we get is…RVP.

We truly would become the laughing stock of Europe.


I don’t easily forget.


We could sign a few more… like Nasri, he will be cheap.
How about Lord Bendtner??? Free??
Oh shit, I almost forget, YAYA FUCKING SANOGOAL. I know he will be great because every single time when Wenger mentioned about our striker situation he did mentioned Sanogoal. He must be good.


Me neither. He wants to win trophies with Arsenal, so let all our dreams come true and sign him up!


Id rather both.


Don’t know If I’d take him but he’d score as many goals as Giroud given the service of Ozil, Cazorla etc


It’s not just about scoring more than Giroud though. At this stage of his career he’s hardly going to play 60 x 90 minutes, so I can’t see him displacing Giroud full time and surely nobody is under the impression this would be our big striker signing.

What we really need is someone better than Walcott and Sanchez in Welbeck’s absence. The biggest problem is more likely that he’s not cheap for a short term solution, but I’d prefer an older, classy, intelligent player in that role to a younger, generally average player.


Are we so desperate that it’s come to this? hell, why don’t we drag Henry, Wright and Bergkamp out of retirement? Fuck it! just dig up Cliff Bastin while we’re at it!


Yes we are :frowning:


Ok, stupid question. i’ll get the shovel lol


:xhaka: :smile:



I’d sooner have Cliff Bastin back. i don’t know what his injury record was like, but i’m positive it’s nowhere near as bad as RvP’s.

Seriously though. going for RvP is a major step in the wrong direction. we’ve had since the start of July to get done the signings we’re so desperate for. there’s simply no excuse for them not being done, or even considering such desperate measures as resigning RvP. regardless of the conditions surrounding RvP’s departure.

It’s fucking pathetic!


If he lets me have a go on his wife, I’ll consider taking him back.


Give him this and i’m sure he’ll* accommodate you…



Getting Van Persie’s permission is like getting the club’s permission to talk to the player after you meet the release clause.
Still, you need the player to sign, but that’s another story.


They didn’t have injuries back then. The players were either fit or dead. Hamstring strains weren’t even invented yet.


When are the OA post of the year nominees due? :joy:


That’s very true, and i did know this already, i was trying to be clever…thanks for popping my balloon mate :bellerin: