Robin van Persie

Is it true the big rumour that RVP is heading for Rangers? If so Fucking LOLOLOL…more to the point have Rangers not learnt from their financial screw ups? How will they afford the twat?

#Would you have Robin van Persie back at Arsenal?

  • What?! No! Fuck.
  • Yes, he can do a job for us
  • Not sure… Maybe…
  • I don’t care anymore, sign SOMEONE.

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Doubt he’s going to Scotland. Barca want him.

Why would barca want to spend money on him only to get 1 or 2 seasons max out of him and he will probably be injured for most of it. They already have Messi, Suarez and Neymar i cant see them wasting their money on this hasbeen

Larsson, Gudjohnsen… They have a habit of having an old spare striker

I wouldn’t be surprised if we go for him or Gomez

Wouldn’t surprise me if he finishes his career off in China or MLS. If he did join Barca it be more a cameo appearance here or there. He could do still do a job with PL team. Don’t see him ever coming back to Arsenal, don’t think he’d be welcomed back plus his wages would be high even at this stage of his career. Doubt Rangers will go for him.

At this point I’m so desperate I’d take him back for a season

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Would rather see Theo fall over the ball and run into defenders than Persie ever suit up for Arsenal again. Fuck him.


@Bl1nk @Mysty Poll for yes or no, may be?

Poll added.

The fact there is a poll for this tells you everything you need to know.


Some people might love him more than Wenger at the moment, and he has forced him out. :gunnersaurus:

I dared to vote yes.

Who would turn him down? Proven quality, experienced, you wouldn’t need him to play more than 15 games a season realistically. Sign him on a 1 year deal, he’ll be another body to throw in when we need the depth.

Ideally we’d sign a 26 year old worldie, but failing that RvP could be a good option to supplement Giroud up front this season.

I’d rather fuck Susan Boyle.

He can fuck off. He left us for one of our rivals when he was the best striker in the league.

We shouldn’t go back for him even if he was the last striker in the world when he’s finshed and playing in fucking Turkey.

Would be so embarrassing and confirm we aren’t a big club anymore


[quote=“Cannon, post:9, topic:432”]
Poll for yes or no, may be?

[/quote]I don’t knpw, can you repeat the question?


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Yeah, he’s probably the one player I would make an exception for and say an absolute no to, even if he would make us better.

Unlike a lot of other posters I have no problem with RVP as a person, but he simply isn’t good enough to play for a top PL club at his age and is too injury prone.

It would show a complete lack of ambition, and to buy another Man U reject, like Sylvester and Welbeck, as well as being linked to Jonny Evan,s just shows the rest of the PL what a joke we have become in the transfer market.

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Lol! just spot on :wilshere: