Robin Van Persie


Fuck this cunt. A non entity


I forgot he still existed, tbh.


Him still having a thread is outrageous.




There’s typo.
Editor misspelled Hleb.


RvP clearly still butthurt about being forced out.


When he left us he said it was because “Arsenal are not moving in the direction” he wants. So was that not aimed at Wenger?


I’d imagine he sees daily training seperate to transfer business. One can be good and leave a positive impression while the other doesn’t have to without changing ones mind on the person.


One can move without feeling the need to publish a blog.


Yes and one could move to a rival after one good season. Leaving a club that believed in him despite his injuries. He’s dead to me.


I signed RVP with Arsenal on fifa 18


This angers me.


Cesc as well


Cesc is babe man. I can forgive that.


Signed him on my Atalanta save. Did well


for me he started of really slow but then suddenly banged in the goals


I wonder what people make of that statement from today’s perspective.



Well here’s an argument I definitely can’t be fucked having again



why not


Just admit he was forced out and we can leave it there.