Riyad Mahrez


Maybe, but we will have a ready made replacement if he leaves.

You can’t have enough top quality players.
If we had shown this sort of activity a couple of seasons ago, we might have kept hold of Sanchez as well.


Really not that bothered about Sanchez tbphwy

Mahrez would be great though. Sell Iwobi


That might be too much to ask.
Or is it?


Well son in this new era we can hope at least


fuck. This is one player I really wanted. Damn it!!




They don’t need him, as they already have many wingers/AMs.


Why win the league by 15 points when you could win it by 20 :sunglasses:




Oh, I get it now.
FFP only applies to clubs that aren’t called Manchester City.


How to destroy competition. Not even Real used to buy so many marquee signings.


Anyone still in the “they didn’t buy their trophies” boat?



They’re not familiar with opening bids, they just splash the cash and add a little extra for fun.


Thats how you get a player you want. At that price Liecester will throw him out the door and cancel his contract whether he wants to go or not :joy:

Class player. Worth every penny.


Except for when they attempt to do business with us, everyone and their momma can low ball us.

Can in point this whole bollocks with Giroud.


Sane injured so they want a replacement I guess.

I ant the poor guy to go to a club where he will ball and develop though, I hope he doesn’t go to oil rich stockpile cunts like City!






Just let the guy leave ffs lol