Riyad Mahrez


It does make you wonder why no club has seen fit to sign him when he’s actually available for a reasonable sum of money in today’s market.


It’s quite funny as teams like Chelsea are in dire need of players like that.

Ah well, he’ll get a move soon enough if he continues to play so well. It’s fucked that the likes of Drinkwater moves to a top club before Mahrez.


Yeah I must say I’m very surprised no top 6 team has signed him given his obvious quality.


Yeah it’s mental. Leicester may have been lucky that year but his PFA winning performance was in my opinion as good as any in the last 5 years except for Suarez. I can’t believe a player that hit those highs has never really been in demand.


Natural replacement for Eden ‘azar’ at Chelsea


Maybe his some serious personality issues that other clubs are aware of. Does seem weird.


That’s my guess too. A combination of personality issues and the fact that clubs probably don’t deem him to be consistent enough.


Should it be ‘want’ or ‘wants’?


You got it right first time, want :+1:


I would still love Mahrez at Arsenal, even now we have Mkhitaryan and possibly Aubameyang, Mahrez is a proven PL player, has won the league and is a good goal scorer.

Given we have lost Alexis, Theo and Ox, I still think we could strengthen on the wings and in midfield and Mahrez would be a perfect fit for Arsenal. I don’t like the prospect of having to rely on Iwobi.


I agree attacking quartet of Auba, Ozil, Miki and Mahrez could actually be rather devastating.


The movement of that quartet as well would be amazing, Ozil, Miki and Mahrez can all play anywhere across the midfield - nightmare for any opposition attack. Throw in Wilshere behind and a strong DM and we would be in business.


It is an odd one that nobody has bought him yet. He was definitely gettable last summer.

Getting Mahrez would transport us back to 07/08 when we had 3 play makers in a 4 man midfield. Played amazing football that year and got closer to the title than we pretty much ever have since. The heady days of Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky. Aaaah.


We just got rid of one cunt. I don’t know, but maybe Mahrez is another one.


That’s basically porn. Ban him mods!




I still don’t know why we weren’t all over this.


You can’t have that many good players and keep them all happy, they’ve reached capacity surely with this one. Sure, I get it’s cool to ride the gravy train to a league title or two, but one of them at least is going to be pushed out by the summer.


I think if we get a player like Mahrez it could persuade Ozil to stay.
But if he leaves then Mahrez will already be here to replace him.

Also, after selling Chamberlain, Walcott, Sanchez and maybe Giroud, our attacking depth isn’t as strong as it was, and to avoid seeing Welbeck any where near the first team, Mahrez would have been a great signing.


So Mkhitarayan and Auba will not convince him, but Mahrez will tip the scales :xhaka: