Riyad Mahrez


geez that is a lot of repeating :cech:


geez that is a lot of repeating :cech:


Fans vs Wenger




Maybe we should just wait for reliable sources, instead of posting only the ones that talk shit about us because we hate Wenger :wink:


I want him to complete our Muslim core


We’re going in for him at the end of the window aren’t we? Alexis will have tied up a contract elsewhere by that time.


Let’s hope so.
Although I still think it would be better from Sanchez point of view to wait until the end of this season for a massive pay out to whoever offers him the best deal.


Mahrez this window and Malcom for summer is business I can live with tbh.


I think he was referring to Alexis being able to negotiate with foreign clubs from January when he said he might have ties up a deal.

I suspect he’ll be going to City though so legally he’s have to wait till the summer to negotiate that


It would be the bare minimum but that is what most supporters have go used to.

Those two would certainly be a downgrade on Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez and It would certainly see us still challenging for the Europa League places but not much more.


Player for player, yeah sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a stronger team without them.


What do you actually want from us then? Signing Mahrez and Malcom won’t make you happy. So who are we supposed to sign lol


I have no problem with signing them but they aren’t as good as the players they are replacing.

In the last window we were desperate for players to be bought in that were a similar quality to Ozil and Sanchez to play in the same team as them.
But instead of that, next season we will not have Ozil or Sanchez, which means we will need to strengthen even more, which isn’t going to happen.

I also don’t believe we will sign Mahrez.




If you think Ozil is going to stay after a performance like that and the clear lack of ambition and direction from Wenger


Why does no one want to purchase this dude?


beats me. He is having a stellar season too. I would be over the moon if we got him in. we could use the creativity.


We should have been after Mahrez last season.
He isn’t going to stay at Leicester after this season, so we should be in for him.
If he goes to spurs rather than us, it will be an opportunity wasted.


It’s not happening, Wenger has had chance after chance to sign him and you could of got him last season for under £40mil, he clearly doesn’t fancy him at all.

Leicester can easily ask for more going forward, it’s a shame as he’s a very good player and the best thing about Leicester period.