Riyad Mahrez


Will we sign Mahrez?

  • Yes, I think so.
  • No chance…

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Haha enjoy watching all your good teammates leave Vardy :joy::joy:


This is the one that makes so much sense for us. Of course keep in mind that Vardy just got his big pay raise, Kante is out the door with a big contract from Chelsea and he’s sitting there as the poty making 30k a week or whatever peanuts salary he’s on. He really probably has no good reason to want to leave besides his pay, similar to Vardy. I won’t surprised if this is more bs agent talk to get an improved contract from LFC.


I can understand Vardy staying to some extent but Mahrez staying there would be a big gamble in his career.

Many clubs want him and he should grab the best offer he gets.


If he’s on the market, we should be in for him, we need a winger.


Hell yes! we need to fast though, there should be a lot of interest.


Wouldn’t mind having him here!


Seems like this is one of those cut and dried “why the fuck didn’t we go for this guy” scenarios come the close of the window.


Come on Arsene!


Seems like most of their top players are looking for a move out now. Wonder if Vardy spoke to them before making his decision last month


To leave for? :santi2:


If Kante leaves then he will probs go. I’d love him here especially since we missed out on Mkhi.


Please. Please. Just make the fans excited for the goddamn season dammit.


Sky bet have us favourites to sign him. Means nothing but nice to see lol.


This is why it sucks to be an Arsenal fan in the transfer window. Mahrez is young and we’ve got nothing but shit to play in the right wing…but you just know we won’t sign him. Lol his agent should take a page out of Vardy’s book and call us up and basically give our dumb ass board and manager a huge push to sign him. He deserves a bigger contract and a contender next season.

Edit: Just looking around on twitter a source I somewhat trust who has called a lot of transfers this summer, he called the Kante thing 4 days ago (although he’s a lame wannabe agent on Twitter) has said we are in talks with Mahrez. That’s somewhat encouraging :slight_smile:


Who is he??


Respect to Mahrez for convincing Vardy to stay at Leicester so he could move to Arsenal instead.


Means fuck all. Your squad is already good enough to get top 4, so no need to spend any more money, that is all the ambition the club has, which is a fucking tragedy.


Who is the twitter source or the tweet, please.




I only posted it to see if Leper would bite lol. :grin: