Riyad Mahrez



Great for Leicester!!!


But I’m sure he wants his pay raise. I don’t disagree with these guys wanting to stay. They are gamers and I have respect for that. Hope Leicester can afford to give all these guys pay raises and then stay in the CL.

  1. Mahrez wants to stay at Leicester.

  2. Arsenal, City, Chelsea and United have not made a bid for Mahrez.

I have a feeling #1 has a lot to do with #2.


Wenger Out




Another greedy cunt. He just wants more money. Leicester are gonna find it difficult to keep the dressing room calm this season.




Mahrez is coming!



Is that site reliable? He would be a fucking top signing, the winger we have all been waiting for.


Please fucking true but I’m not getting overly excited just yet.


Surely if this happens it’s bad news for Ox/Walcott?


Wow this would be an incredible signing. Stil can’t see it happening as its Wenger but please give us one thing to be happy about football gods


Good, Walcott needs putting down like a sick animal. I think a fresh start would b3 good for him. Just not at one of our rivals.

I would cream if we got Mahrez.


Ozil money on this guy.

Can’t seem to rate him but if we sign him, I hope I am horribly wrong about him.


Please be true and not another transfer tease. Isn’t the striker we crave but an all around winger. Not just pace like Ox/Theo. Would be a very welcomed addition to the club.


Xhaka and Mahrez improves on Ramsey and Walcott. We’ll be going into next season a lot stronger than we went into last season at least.

I’d rather sign a quality attacker we can stick on the pitch and stick with Giroud than sign no quality and on deadline day desperate grab the nearest £5m striker who’s shit and really no improvement to our squad.


Even since we signed Özil the market has changed, it makes more sense to compare the price to other transfers currently being made.

While this is far from scientific/comprehensive analysis, £42m seems perfectly fair compared to what Liverpool have paid for Wijnaldum and Mane.

Just like Arsene you need to stop clinging to what constituted value in seasons gone by, time to start paying the going rate.




£42m is more than fair for a 25 year old PL player of the year.


If Mahrez comes, definitely. If Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky all go out we have to get one cm in, and we have tried what… 5 different players in right wing and none of them convinced much. Players in their positions are what we need, question is if they’re what we need the most, I’m still on the CB and ST trail but we signed two ~20yo’s there instead it seems.

I also don’t know anything about Rob Holding, maybe he is ready to start playing first team football in a month, I have no clue. I read he was player of the season and all that. We still have a horrible striker squad to challenge with leaving an unfair amount of work to be done by attacking midfielders.