Riyad Mahrez


His form is probably going to nosedive if they keep him and considering he’s their catalyst that’s no bueno.

City will have to pay up though especially in the January market.



Can someone please just DELETE that entire club? Fucking cunts.


On Bluemoon there’s talk he could cost between 70-90m


Pep was pleading poverty only last week haha.



They could break their transfer record twice in 24 hours


I think they have gone for Mahrez because with the CL and PL, as well as the other domestic cups, and the injury to Sane, they will need all their best players fit.

I think Mahrez is a better buy for Man City than Sanchez is for Man U.


City being ubercunts again by coming in so late to unsetle the player but not so selling club can replace the player they want.

Sound familiar? This is pissing me off, Man United hijack NEEDED.


Oil cunts.


Fuck off City. Go form your own fucking league where you can play with yourselves. Cunts.


I know see why we aren’t in for Mahrez if that’s the price, I really like him as a player but that does seem a little excessive.


It IS excessive, because you have cunts like Shitty blowing everything out of proportion.


Lol, love the moaning that happens any time City buy a player, even if it’s one everyone could’ve had.


So boring lol.


Well, competition should be fair, not a team above everybody.


The issue is that Mahrez has been available for everyone to sign at the right price. The Laporte release clause hasn’t been a secret.

It’s not like City are blowing clubs out the water with the transfer fees. When we sign Auba he’ll have cost more than any City player has ever cost. And United have exceeded City’s transfer record with Lukaku, Pogba and Di Maria.


United giving Sanchez £400k a week and paying 75-90m for players. Liverpool paying 65-75m for players. Arsenal paying 60m for Auba and 50m for Laca in the same position. Chelsea paying 60m for Morata. If any of these clubs paid 50m for Mahrez (and all of them could, though in the summer it’d probably have been more like 40m) nobody would be saying how unfair it was.


City are spending wisely, not stupidly. They have a solid squad with a top manager who knows how to assemble said squad.


If they get Mahrez that’s pretty much their business done come summer.

Very good business too, Laporte and Stones is a dope CB pairing to last a decade.


He has bought players, or has got players that were already in the team when he went there, that any other top European club could have had.
We spent around 150m on Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez and Lacazette, so we could have had the likes of De Bruyne, Sterling, Sane, Otamendi etc, but chose not to.

He is a top manager and has been allowed to get very good players, if not necessarily world class, and make them into the best attacking team in Europe.

It’s Man U and who waste money and still play boring football, just like he did at Chelsea.

It’s true they have spent to win but they have spent well, and have chosen the best manager for the job, as well as being the most attacking and entertaining team to watch since Barcelona and us.

They are after Mahrez because they were outbid by Man U for Sanchez but Mahrez is a player we could have had if we had wanted him.


Stones is still making the same mistakes that he did at Everton, honestly such a useless player