Riyad Mahrez


I don’t want Mahrez in the squad as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez, but I’d sure as hell take him as a replacement for Theo Walcott.


I don’t know what to say when I talk with a type of fan like you… remain in the fantasy world of a transfer window like an hotel door and players like stickers to exchange.


Wenger is actively trying to sign Lemar for £40m+ :joy:


We’re in the 2017 and people still follow Sun and AFCAMDEN.


Well, you started mentioning half of our squad so I assumed you were against signing anyone in that position at all. Ideally I’d take someone better though, but if that’s not an option and we’re going to rely on half of the players you mentioned we might as well bring in 2 more players in the next 12 months of which one could be Mahrez and another one ideally at a level above.

And well, quite frankly, I have not much hope that the market will get any less inflated or (less) competitive next summer so we might as well do the business now. Otherwise we might as well call how next summer’s business will pan out.


I don’t think Arsenal can rely on Cazorla and Wilshere fitness-wise. I think you can put Welbeck in the same bracket. With those two guys it’s just a matter of their contracts being rundown so that they can leave. Chamberlain is going to figure more on the right-sided and left-sided midfield positions (Kolasinac has never played more than 25 games in a season). Ramsey shouldn’t play any other position than CM, because that would mean we probably have an Xhaka/Coquelin pairing which would be awful. And Nelson is obviously still very young.

The only player who I really see blocking the signing of a winger is Walcott. Like I said as far as I’m concerned he should be sold. Walcott is just too limited to play quick combination football with movement with. I don’t want Mahrez btw, but I do want to see a winger.


Much better sources than that and you know it, like you said you’ve kept a list.


Who is the source, Burgundy? I’m ready to retire my words if one of the few serious journalists are speaking about that.


Who do you consider serious journalists?


I wasn’t against an addittion on attack, in fact I’m super happy to have Lacazette because without the confirm of Alexis on attack as first striker, what we needed was a rapid striker much better than Walcott and Welbeck (who are versatile and can play behind the striker).

Now, with seven players in the squad (eight with Lucas Perez), we have the right number of players to start the season well without any sort of problem to concede space to everyone during the Premier League, League Cup, Europe League and FA Cup.

Buying Mahrez is a waste of money.


A reliable journalist.

A serious journalist talk of concrete news which he has them, not fake news, not clickbaiting, not fabricated thoughts changed into news.

David Ornstein is reliable, not John Cross, not the ITK’s like Ben Fairthorne, Afcamden etc…


Well. Ornstein has said we are in pursuit of Lemar. Check his feed.



Less optimistic of signing Lemar ten days ago. In the latest ten days AS Monaco sold one player, started negotiations to keep Mbappe and said publicly which him, Lemar and Fabinho will remain with them because can’t sell everyone.


But the quality is not sufficient. You keep saying we got 8 or 9 players for those three positions but when it comes to it only 6 are probably viable options.


Yes, but we are chasing him don’t we? Wasn’t that the point? You don’t believing Arsenal are trying to sign Lemar? Not saying they will succeed.


Depend on what you want. In my opinion Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi and Giroud are very good to be squad players.


So, you really don’t think that Mahrez is better than most of Arsenal’s midfield? What about Lemar?

Are you going to be surprised when Wilshere, Ramsey get injured?

Arsenal need to upgrade several of the players that you listed if the goal is to try and compete for the league.


Arsenal tried to sign Lemar and probably will try to sign him until the end of the season or until Arsène will decide to not pursue this option, but not to use him on attack, but as attacking midfielder near Xhaka.


The rest yes. This guy no. Get him to fuck ASAP.


Do you want to use Mahrez on midfield near Xhaka?! :hushed: