Riyad Mahrez


Mate. I don’t see what you trying to say here. Burgundy was saying Arsenal are actively trying to sign Lemar. You denied that by claiming that people are still following shit sources like The Sun and AFCamden. Now you’re going to talk about his possible position?


I think Arsenal tried to sign Lemar.

In the last 10 days I lost the hope to have him because of many factors as I said before (another player out, Mbappe negotiations, Vladimir quotes yesterday).

Afcamden and The Sun are speculating on this news to keep followers and views until the moment Arsenal will sign another player (I think we’re really on Seri, for example).

Apparently some journalists and fans talk of Mahrez as plan B for Lemar… for me isn’t right because are two different tactic projects. This is why I’m in favour to sign Lemar and not Mahrez.


Better than Coq, Wilshere, Elbert, Walcott…Santi is sadly done for Arsenal save maybe a random end of the season appearance a la Rosicky.

And Wenger can change tactics for the inevitable Ramsey hamstring injury for the midfield.

Mahrez improves Arsenal’s midfield. So would Lemar, but the ship seems to have sailed as Arsenal dithered about with low bids, Monaco sold others and now seem intent to keep Lemar as they can’t sell nearly everyone in the same window.


Sure. If you take Walcott out of there for another winger. I 100% agree.


Why do you rate Walcott as George Best? What do you want from a squad player, 30 goals per season?!


What a twist. :tornado:

Probably you don’t know who Mahrez is, what his position is, what his weaknesses are…


To actually have a good first touch and don’t rape every possible combination. I’ve said if before I don’t really care for numbers. I think those will follow if we play good football, which we don’t with Walcott on the pitch.


I do know. And he does improve Arsenal. He’s a better player than most of Arsenal’s midfield.

Manager’s job to change up tactics to suit the players that he has.


Ok, I hope to sign Neymar and Asensio to put them as right and left back because they are rapids and have dribbling skills.


Hyperbole much?

If you don’t think that Mahrez is an upgrade over the majority of Arsenal’s midfield, you are entitled to that opinion.

You are also in the minority with your opinion of it.


People going to wake to this tomorrow to see 100 new posts only to realize it’s Maxi having a weird little melt down.


Calum will be the first to tell us his thoughts in the morning.


I personally love the way he manages to type in a scoffing manner.


I hopped in here like


It’s simple, Mahrez isn’t a midfielder.


I’m gonna defer to @Burgundy and @Calum. I’m drunk, and if Coquelin isnt the answer, then I’m gonna fuck the question.



Of course, we should have acted quickier.


He made his name on the right side of a 442. It’s not wrong to call him a midfielder, the same way it’s not wrong to call him an attacker or a winger.

I’ve no idea why so many pointless arguments are had on this site about what is/isn’t a midfielder.


It’s quite simple to be honest and I don’t understand why anyone struggles with both the concept of classifying a player, and using that concept to help illustrate what we need.

Defender midfielder and forward really do fall under the basic fundamentals of football knowledge.


Selling our midfeilder alexis Sanchez will make us weeker, we should counteract that by purchasing fellow midfeilder ngolo Kante, a like for like replacement