Riyad Mahrez


The obvious options in Lemar and Fekir and more unknown players like Karamoh and Sarr (who just transfered to Rennes). Not saying they will be guaranteed elite, but I’d prefer to keep the powder dry.


Don’t want premier league player of the year because want to see how some 17yo in ligue 1 turns out…before he signs for someone else


Most def. I don’t want to see the guy who took the most advantage of how much of a bottling club Arsenal F.C. is in the red. It’s not the most rational reason, but good enough for me. I’m not against signing a winger this summer. I would prefer it, but I don’t want it to be Mahrez.

There aren’t some random 17 year olds btw. Youth internationals, Sarr was on Barcelona’s radar, the amount of proper forwards France have delivered over the past years. Enough reasons to follow them.


Boschilia & Depay too.


Anyone can explain me why Arsenal should sign Mahrez when the options behind the striker are Alexis Sànchez, Alex Iwobi, Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, probably Danny Welbeck + potentially Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey, Reiss Nelson, Jack Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain?


Because he’s better than 90% of that list?

Bit of a stupid question


Did you really have to full name all of em? C’mon Maxi.


4 or 5 of those guys you just mentioned have 1 year left on their contract, 4 are injury prone and 3/5 that can be considered forwards are 28.

Do you want our forward line to grow old together?


You kinda answered your own question Maximus.


@Calum @Oliver @Burgundy

I need to understand if you want the fantasy football or the reality.

Arsenal can’t buy Mahrez and keep all of them, or sell someone, because they are useful and have different roles.

Our next front trio will be (I hope) composed by Ozil, Sànchez and Lacazette. The plan be should be Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud/Welbeck. Too many players (I don’t know what Arsène will do to keep them quiet to not be regular reserves), imagine with another addittion.


Simple buy Mahrez and sell half of the shit players you listed in the earlier post


That’s why we should have sold Walcott yesterday.

We need quality depth behind Sanchez and Ozil.

Welbeck is crooked 95% of the season anyway.


It’s not a priority to sign another attacking player to improve the attack because the big improvement has been just bought: Lacazette signed and Lucas Perez will leave.

What we need now is a midfielder capable to improve the team.


It’s better to keep Walcott instead of to spend 40M + a super wage for Mahrez.



Walcott is never the answer he doesn’t have a patch on Mahrez. One’s a bottler the others a PL and POTY winner.


Only Walcott should be sold in that list.


Quit FIFA bro. :handshake:

We’re not Real Madrid or Barça (even them haven’t yet super players on the bench because they can’t keep them quiet). Alex Iwobi is a talented attacking midfielder, Walcott has the experience and has scored many important goals (19 last season), Welbeck is very useful and if he will be out for injuries, Arsenal will replace him with the other six players which I mentioned or switching the role of another player or helping a young player to debut.


That front 3 will last for exactly 1 year and then we’re stuck again at finding someone who’s good enough to play for us while realizing that half of the options you mentioned ideally aren’t more than squad players.


If this is all you have to comeback with then… Lol


Wait wait, do you want to sign Mahrez as future replacement for Alexis Sànchez?

  • We don’t know if Sànchez will leave or not
  • If Sànchez will leave, Arsenal can attract better players than Mahrez
  • I don’t know a team who have starters and reserves on the same level. Do you know who are the Barça reserves on attack? Deulofeu and Paco Alcacèr. Real Madrid after only one season sold James Rodriguez and Morata because was impossible to keep them on the bench, Bayern Munich sold Douglas Costa because was impossble to keep him quiet behind Robben and Ribery etc…