Riyad Mahrez


If we really after Mahrez we would have already signed him.

Doesn’t seem to have been much in this from the start.


Was already impressed by Mahrez when Leicester played us at the Emirates in february 2015. He ripped us apart.


I blame @Bl1nk . He prematurely made a new unlisted Mahrez thread in the players section 3 weeks ago, and now it’s conveniently disappeared in the last few days :eyes:


Mahrez is thirsty for Arsenal.



Imagine him doing this for us :star_struck:


Wenger would tell him to pass :hipster:


Mahrez, Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette is an attack that gives me an OMG factor.


Oh another player that dicks about on the edge of the box and gets tackled, JUST WHAT WE NEED.



Are you serious? I’d be fucking fuming he didn’t pass the ball the 2/3 chances he had before being tackled


You’ll be fuming when he isn’t playing in the French second division in the next few years.



He wants us bad. Wish we would just sign him instead of messing about with Lemar


Sounds like he’s going to do an Odemwingie and just rock up to the Emirates on deadline day!


As long as he doesn’t bring Odemwingie with him, that sounds good.


Nope he will bring Kalou


I’d be more than happy with Mahrez…wanted us to sign him last summer. Leicester are reported to be asking for £40m for him which against current prices isn’t bad. I’m sure a £35m offer with £5m extras would do the trick.

Love us to have the deal done by 11th Aug and see him line up against Vardy!


Hopefully he is gonna push for a move.


If it’s Lemar OR Mahrez, i cannot fathom any version of events where Mahrez is the superior option, no matter how long it takes to get a deal over the line.

However, if the Mahrez deal becomes at serious risk of being compromised due to Roma, then get it over the fucking line.

Squad registry is for September right? cross that bridge when it comes to it.


sign both Lemar and Mahrez, simples


I’d rather force Sanchez to stay if Mahrez is the only other option.

There are a couple of interesting younger French wingers who’ll have a year of experience under their belt then.


Not that I don’t believe you, just curious who you’re referring to?