Riyad Mahrez


Ofcourse I said it back then. Not signing anyone bar Cech lost us the title.
Not signing a right winger last season cost us a season more of Theo Walcott.
Not signing more quality players have cost us more money because quite frankly none of the transfer made this season by any club is worth the amount paid.

People keep going about CF but if we had signed one quality central midfielder(never rated Xhaka but if not for him, we needed two) and one right winger in last three seasons, we would have won the league regardless of Giroud being our CF.

We did so well in Alexis window when we signed many players for bargain but we didn’t follow it up with similar window when prices were reasonable.

Having to purchase now is just silly.
Clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern are so lucky that they have no holes in this window.


Brilliant @Trion you are reborn.


Someone is gonna get him for about 40 mil at the end of august. It works like that.


Let’s hope it’s us.


Remember Ozil? :ozil2:




This Lemar transfer fiasco has gotten pretty tedious. Could have had Mahrez bedded into the squad by now.


if Lemar is going to be as great as people say then we should bid that, he would be worth that kind of money if he fulfilled his potential.

do it arsene, get Mahrez as well


Every season of Mahrez’s career except one he has performed at a level nowhere good enough.

He was pretty mediocre in France, enough so that he was sold to a club in the Championship at a time when many lower table PL clubs were starting to spend a lot of money and looking at the French market. Then he was meh in his first season with Leicester and pretty much shit last year.

Assuming that you’ll get the Mahrez of 15-16 rather than the Mahrez of the rest of his life is unwise. The same kind of logic that leads one to give Ramsey a million chances because the 2013 form is surely coming back.

I’d rather pay 80m for Lemar than 40m for Mahrez.


Hasn’t Lemar had one good season also, but in the French league?

This is weird logic on your part.

I’d be happy with either - both look class.


Yeah I’m not that bothered about Mahrez but I think he’s getting a bit of a rough deal.

He was a late bloomer, that doesn’t make him a one season wonder. His heart wasn’t in it last season but he still managed to get 10 goals and 5 assists in all comps. OK, not as good as his 17 goals the season before but it was always going to be nigh on impossible to replicate that.

He has shown signs this year that the talent is still there, he just needs the spark back. I too would prefer Lemar, but if that’s a no go then Mahrez wouldn’t be a bad signing.


But Lemar is 21 and probably has a way higher upside. It’s also rumored Leicester wants closer to 50 million pounds.


Lemar is only 21 and has only really been a full time starter for one season. Already he has had a season better than any year Mahrez has had bar one. His potential as a player is way higher than Mahrez.

When Mahrez turned 21, he was struggling to get into a Ligue 2 side. When Lemar turned 21, he was a key player in a team that won Ligue 1 and went to the CL semifinals.


I’d prefer to go for what seems to be the preferred target than give up before its even August just so the second choice singing has an extra 2 weeks to bed in


There’s so few quality wide forwards around if the big clubs thought very highly of Mahrez there’s no chance he’d be moving to Roma.


I’m truely pondering the parallels between Ramsey and Mahrez, in that they both had one sensational season sandwiched between mediocre seasons by those standards.

Is the risk really worth it?


Yes because we never end up chasing Wenger’s preferred target all summer, ignoring the more pragmatic options, only to end up with nothing.


Looks like it won’t be a decision we’ll have to make anyway



Even the second half of their title winning season was worse than the first going by the standard he set. Maybe if we moved 2 players on and replaced them with Mahrez and someone else it could work but otherwise it’s hoping that he finds his 6 months of great form again


That’s an entirely different scenario, I didn’t feel like that was what you were presenting in your post. It goes without saying that Mahrez would be better than nothing, quite obviously.