Riyad Mahrez


I distinctly remember Recoba being a dream to take freekicks with, he had one of the easiest freekick styles. Then you had Robby C with his stupid ass 10m run up.


I used to put Roberto Carlos and Adriano up front for Brazil just for the craic


Leicester’s Ornstein apparently



Hopefully Mahrez is gonna force a move.


Mahrez will be a beast in a team like ours, mark my words when surrounded with better players his game will elevate that much more - excited that we get him and he can beat his man. Only thing lacking is his goals, finishing. If he could sort that he’d be Pires all over again !!


Didn’t he get 17 or 18 league goals the season before? Don’t think his finishing is an issue at all.


Since Mahrez became a full time player, his league goal totals have been:

12-13: 4
13-14: 5 (split between Le Havre and Leicester)
14-15: 4
15-16: 17 (but four on penalties so 13 npg)
16-17: 6 (three on penalties so 3 npg)

He isn’t really a goalscorer, he’s a tricky creative attacking midfielder who finds the net every once in a while. The 15-16 season was a massive massive outlier that he has never come close to replicating in any other professional season. Expecting him to replace Sanchez as the goal scoring wide forward in our team would be really foolish.


I reckon Laca has his share of the goals tbh.


Absolutely. But you still need goals from somewhere else. 3-4-3 with Ozil and Mahrez behind Laca or 4-2-3-1 with Mahrez-Ozil-Ox behind Laca just aren’t going to produce enough goals. What we’re going to end up seeing is probably 4-2-3-1 with Walcott on one side and Mahrez on the other, sort of like how we were playing for a while last fall but basically swapping Laca for Sanchez at CF and Mahrez for Iwobi as the wide playmaker. I’m not sure that is a meaningful improvement.

The bottom line is that if we lose Sanchez we should be looking to bring in a wide forward who can operate on the flank but whose instincts are to make runs behind the defense and get into dangerous positions in the box, not a guy like Mahrez who always wants the ball to feet while facing the defense.


With Lacazette as our striker we have a player whose instincts is too make runs behind the defense and get into dangerous positions. If we still had Gioud that would be more necessary.

If we play ‘proper’ football chances and eventually goals will follow. Pires learned how to score, Rosicky was headed to a ~10 goals season before he got injured in 07/08 when he never scored more than 5 goals a season before that. It will solve itself if our plays improves.


Sounds to me like you want a Theo Walcott :cristo:


They want 50m pounds for him :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:


Spurs want Mahrez now apparently. I can’t see them paying £50m either though - even if they were gifted the same amount for Kyle Walker!


Mahrez should be about 35 million quid, 50 is a fair chunk overs. Leicester hold the cards though given his contract situation.


I feel we have picked a wrong window to have so many squad holes.
Too many unrealistic transfer demands.
No way Lemar and Mahrez are worth 50m plus.
I doubt transfer money will be as crazy in couple of windows.


He just isn’t worth that money. People can talk about inflation in the market all they want but a lot of these heavy sums being quoted are simple to deter clubs from actually making bids. Belotti isn’t worth 100m, Sandro isn’t worth 70m and Mahrez isn’t worth 50m but if any club is willing to pay that sum then the club would stupid not to accept it.


So you admit Wenger fucked up royally two years ago in the summer ? When he didn’t sign an outfield player.


You are doing it again.


Nice try at a deflection… Franky Lampard in his peak.


No, you are just reaching, twice now back to back in this thread you have created the most negative interpretation you possibly can from words that say nothing of the sort.

Mourinho-esqe the lengths you go to in order to criticise Wenger.