Raphinha has a brain. Difference maker if you ask me. :eyes:


I think it’s sizeable because there’s a gulf in technique and football IQ

Raphinha is capable of having top games on the spin without scoring but functioning as the heart beat of an attack, Richarlison? Nope

Raphinha has very good consistency whereas Richarlison is very streaky isn’t even a debate who we should sign IMO


IMO, Richarlison could be a very good fourth option in a Conte team that wants to play on the counter a lot. He is certainly a lot better than Bergwijn.

But Raphinha not only has a higher ceiling but he fits possession-based teams whereas Richarlison really doesn’t. Once Conte fucks off in a year or two Spurs will have a a big headache in that they have all these players that suit his football very well but not many top managers play like him.

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I will always take the guy with finesse and football IQ, especially when they have similar physical attributes.

Raphinha edges it as an athelte too IMO and I don’t think Richarlison is even that good as a wide option at least not for what our style aims to be


Raphina are Richarlson are very different players but in terms of ability they are miles apart. It’s not even a question for me, and when you consider what we need then it becomes even clearer that Raphina would be the superior buy.

We will probably not end up with either but I really don’t see how anyone could compare the two in terms of ability. Maybe in terms of their cunt rat faces, but not ability.


I don’t think this accurate when you compare the sample of the season just gone where they both played 2000 plus each. Richarlison provides a base level of workrate and danger from the LW even when he’s not productive

I give Raphinha a big edge in terms of technique and passing, particularly in final third but that’s it. I think Richarlison is better infront of goal and provides higer level of workrate

The low IQ thing I don’t get at all.

I’m not arguing about who we should sign, just don’t get the dismissal of Richarlison as a talent that has consistently performed in the league

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Richarlison is not a high IQ player and you really comparing them when Richarlison was effectively playing up top for most if not the whole season?

The way I see it Raphinha will give us much more game to game both in terms of consistency and contributing to our style of play, Richarlison is actually a very frustrating player. He’ll go for barren runs of five plus games not scoring and not doing a whole let else, he is not capable of linking up the play, passing, combining and transitioning like Raphinha can. He’s at best a low touch player.

And as @Powderfinger mentioned stylistically it’s not a great fit and no he doesn’t work harder than Raphinha either

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You got to provide something tangible on the low IQ point, at this stage it’s just something people throw around based on their subjective eye test in relation to player they don’t rate in the first place.

Again, I’m not arguing about who we should sign or who would be better for Arsenal. Both have similar production at relegation threatened clubs. I understand dismissing Richarlison based on his ability in the passing game but it’s not accurate to say he’s not a top player

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He might not be elite but surely you can’t dismiss a player who’s goals and assists figures are better than most players in PL and who was playing for a team who almost got relegated.

Nah, I don’t really its what I see having watched him plenty since he signed first under Marco Silva. If you disagree that’s fine.

Yes it is accurate to say he’s not a top player, top player means elite no? Best in the business.

He’s in company with Mane, Son, Salah, Hazard and Alexis previously et al? Please let’s dead the talk of him being a top player.

So my take on the low IQ point is that he loses his head too easily in games and gets booked/sent off…aka Xhaka. Richarlison can be a ‘hot head’ and while he has ability, I don’t think he is a good fit with the type of players we are seeking to sign. I don’t mind passion, aka Tierney, but when that crosses the line we have a liability within the team. Red cards have cost us heavily and it is something we need to improve upon. Signing Richarlison doesn’t help with that IMO.

Not adverse to Raphinha, but we need to strengthen in other positons first. Maybe like last season where we need to see all the deals done to see Arteta’s/Edu’s transfer plan for the summer. The deals may be done out of order.

honestly I hope Richarlison does join Spurs, one of the most overrated strikers in Prem history


These guys really gonna get Gabriel Jesus with brain damage for double the money, lol.

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This new guy at Chelsea is coming across as a massive amateur lol


Proper Manager Mode mentality.


He’s coming from a really different sports world.

Baseball is a completely different beast than English football.

It’s not to say he couldn’t figure it out eventually and maybe all these rumors are nonsense but it reads a lot like he wants a big signing to announce himself.


Yeah I think he’ll get it one day but right now it seems like there isn’t really a coherent plan here. Chelsea are without Rudiger, Christensen and Alonso/Azpi are on the way out. There’s clearly a pressing need to address the defence, the midfield and the attack but it seems like he’s just throwing money at whatever attacker is linked to loads of other clubs.

The Ronaldo interest itself was a red flag.


Not sure what else we could expect really with the timeframe of when the deal actually got over the line.

He walks in and obviously he’s going to go straight for “what would make us the best now” kind of things. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like a Neymar bid from them, it feels like a textbook new owner at a rich club move.

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