Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal (UEL)





Escaped with a win which is what matters, thought Wilshere was our best, Nelson had a good 2nd half & Maitland Niles put in a good shift. Giroud was utter garbage apart from that beautiful finish for the goal.


Amazing crap game, than a typical Giroud’s beauty. That’s all.
Wilshere my MoTM.


Absolutely awful boring game but a wins a win and it was the return of Giroushire :heart_eyes:


I do like Giroushire :thinking:


So I only saw the last 10 minutes or so. Is it worth me going back and watching the rest? Or should I just stick to the highlights? If there are any…


long answer: no.

short answer: n.


Absolutely, magical performance from Wilshere in our best performance in years.


No!!! Only good thing was watching Wilshere


There is missing Walcott in that he was a big part in that goal


No he frauded an assist with a weak header. It was all Wilshere and Giroud.


No he did not that was intentional; give credit had he not been there to return pass and head the assist. I know you don’t like dude but seriously mate on you are acting like Wiltshire passs the ball to himself.


100% true.

100% false.




So sounds like I should only watch it if i’m a Wilshere fangirl :thinking:

I’m glad he’s playing well anyway. Not just for our sake but for his too, must be so frustrating being sidelined with injury constantly.


That was the most boring Arsenal game I’ve watched since Watford on Saturday.


Did Sheaf get any minutes tonight? Very keen to see how he transitions into senior football.




Came on right at the end. Got 5 minutes maximum