Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal (UEL)

Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal

Europa League
Thu Oct 19 - 18:00
Rajko Mitic Stadium

European football is back. Which means we’ll get to see Jack Wilshere again, woo…


  • Red Star win
  • Daraw
  • Arsenal win

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Going to say a score draw in this one, not overly fussed what happens as we will make the round of 32 and then its about what happens in the knockout stages.

Just beat them. Thanks.

Seeing as it will be our second string playing, I have more faith that we’ll win.

Need to watch out for Boakye though. He’s been scoring for fun this year. And given that he’s on Chelsea’s radar, he’ll probably have the audition of his life against us.


They’ll beat us.

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Fuck me. For the first time ever I just put down an opposition win. Now prove me wrong you spineless cunts.

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Trust @Phoebica, you doom mongers :xhaka:

Wilshere MOTM.

Wilshere broken leg.

We’re gonna crush these guys lol, can’t believe anyone thinks this is gonna even be close.

How typical Arsenal would be :mustafi:

Crush them or don’t crush them the game is irrelevant, we will progress to the round of 32 and it doesn’t matter if we do that with 18 points or 11 points.

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We have no backup RB. So we may aswell use him imo

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Lol! I can’t help but laugh.

He’ll probably do a decent job too. We pay him big wages so he might as well play.

“Hi boss. I am leaving in january”.

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Not even looking him in the eyes while shaking his hands, it’s over.


For sure.

Sometimes it feels like Wenger keeps too much of a distance from his players.

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I don’t know why. Players like Henry and Keown come across as devout followers, he was like a father to Fabregas. Maybe he’s just had his heart broken too many times since then and now he’s no longer capable of love :cry: