Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal (UEL)


It looks a 3-5-2 formation, with Nelson as wing-back.


yep, someone please go kick wenger in the balls for me!


Never seen such a crap team.


Coquelin at CB you heard it here first


fucking hell, i dont even trust him at DM!


Why don’t people like the team? What were you all expecting?!

I’ve seen people on Twitter calling for Dasilva to be at CB. Do people know he’s barely ever even played there?! Seems like he is more comfortable on the wing, as a WB maybe.


Wilshere’s in the team. Instawin. :sunglasses::muscle::ok_hand:



Fuck, you’re right. That was wishful thinking. :frowning:

Bloody hell lol.


Can Willock and Wilshere swap places? :gabriel:


Scenes at that back 3.


Big fan of the bench :ok_hand:


he is resting ozil huh, that cameo he put in the other day must have been extremely taking on the poor guy! Same with Sanchez he has been run ragged this season!


Really cba to watch this but of course I will :joy:


I’ll watch it. Masochism, I guess.


Only watching for Jack Wilshere :uk:


Just want to see Nelson upfront.


Imagine having your expectations re: Arsenal and Wenger so low that the only thing you give a fuck about is watching a player who could potentially still be important/at Arsenal when Wenger is finally gone (Nelson), and even that he manages to fuck up for you.


MDC open for business!!