Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal (UEL)


Well it’s quite hard for Wenger to be close to his players these days, now that he clearly no longer lives on planet Earth!


Would make so much sense to go to a 4-3-3 and go with:


(fucking pointless using Giroud in these games, such an opportunity lost to develop the likes of Nketiah, but whatever, it’s obviously not going to happen. If anything it would probably be fucking Akpom :facepalm: )

But of course we will go with the fucking 3-4-3 even though it doesn’t get the best out of really any of these players except for maybe Mertesacker, and go with this nonsense:



Wengers also said Cech is starting… Hmm what’s happened to Ospina?


World Cup qualification


Would love to see a game from Nketiah but fear he’ll get a customary 87’min sub appearance after a raft load of Walcott keeper-passes.

Just had a look to see if Big Cal Chambers has made the journey but is still carrying a hip injury. 2 weeks :cry:


please for the love of god Wenger you dummy if you use Nelson can we see him in an attacking role he is NOT a fucking wingback. Why does the dipshit insist on playing attacking players in fucking defensive roles all the time…the twat keeps on going on about ‘their education’ but you dont get CBs playing as striker ‘for their education’ stop being a cunt all your life wenger and just play players where they are at their best and stop trying to shoehorn talent into other roles FFS!


Nothing says Europa League like a trip the Martko Ratic Stadium.


C’mon Arsenal! Let’s beat them!


Love these early kickoffs! Means you can come in and just straight away watch the match :sunglasses:


4am here, will get up and watch it before I leave for work…


I hate the 6pm kickoffs for the opposite reason you just said. I can’t just “come straight in” and watch it because I work in central London and finish work at 6pm, usually later on a Thursday :expressionless:


Perfect time for me as the missus wants some together time. Still have a bit of the evening left when the match finishes!




Elneny at CB… Why not just play Da Silva? Lol. #WengerGonnaWenger


Wenger flirted with Elneny at CB in pre-season to be fair. Probably wants more experience on the pitch. Away games have not been our friend this season.


I am back home from work just in time to watch us :kos2:




So I’m guessing that lines up as:


¿?¿? Or will it be Maitland-Niles (or even Coquelin :joy:) for Wilshere and Wilshere in the two with Walcott, with Nelson wingbacking it. That would suck, lol, watching this game pretty much just for Willock and to see Nelson played not as a wing back.


Nelson will definitely be wing back, I’ve got no words for this team.


if he is Wenger should get a fucking hard kick in his wrinkly ballsack.