Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal (UEL)


Walcott just keeps on scoring and assisting somehow even though hes such shit. Remarkable.


Truly, it is.


Like clockwork.


Oh please. That goal was all about Wilsh and Oli G. Theo was just a pawn in their masterplan. Perhaps we can send Walcott to the MLS then you can get up close and personal with him :sunglasses:


For all the shade that gets thrown theos way i find it hilarious that he just keeps doing positive shit every chance he gets. If Laca were this prolific we wouldn’t have lost sooo much in the PL so far.


Come off it. I rarely agree with you . :wink:


What about That finish Ozil put straight at the keeper tonight ? Ohhh wait that was Theo :eyes:


That was an insane save lol keeper saved it with his feet.


Credit for winning the game, that would be appropriate enough.
Against a much inferior team and needed the opponents to have one man less to score a goal… Arsenal is just the Europa level.


Cups are campaigns and its early stages and where we want to be so far. Im taking it.


Giroud Walcott Wilshere.

I guess life after Alexis and Ozil is basically life before Alexis and Ozil.