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Ngl I’m getting a bit sentimental about Mourinho.

The guy is a scumbag, but I actually love him as a meme.

Him and Wenger :arteta:

They are one of a kind. And I’ll miss their era. Guys like Emery who may be lovely people just don’t have anywhere near the charisma to compare, and then Klopp and Pep are just nerds.


Wenger, Fergie, Mourinho and Benitez was headline central lol. Spurs had Redknapp too for the additional banter.


This picture cracks me up every time I see it:



Absolute legend on my train this morning


Does he know some randomer took his picture? :joy:


Course not. Cant be ID’ed so I see no harm haha


I hope you at least got off at his stop and followed him around for 10 - 15 minutes or that’s some weak ass stalking game.


If you or somebody you know would like to be stalked by @JakeyBoy then you can now for only £22.80



Think I’d much rather recreate the Bellerín look


Where does the term bruised banana stem from?

Ah, seems like google has the answer.


Bought one for every day of the week. Come at me Jakeybro.


Qatar win the Asian Cup.

Sounds reasonable.


Did any of them have the bruised banana hat on?


I’m sure there is no suggestion of any $canda£, like bribe$ being given to officials in ma$$ive brown £nvelope$.


I just took a photo of some good Arsenal content, stop fucking @ing me :rage:


Whatever you say psycho


Is that Arsenal content tied up in your attic right now?


ffs :joy: poor Jakey is wishing he didn’t bother now


Shit’s tame, takes more than 800 quid boy to upset me



image https://memecrunch.com/meme/BP4FP/shots-fired/image.gif?w=400&c=1