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Malaysia flight MH370


I was in Florida on vacation in 2014 when that happened, and the entire two weeks I was there thats the only thing that was on the news. That was really the most bizarre event I can remember, more people were obsessed with it than 9/11.



Just heard about this, sad sad story.


March 2014 that went missing and never got located, absolute sad and bizarre events.


This story just gets sadder :cry:

But you have to wonder why anyone would get on it if they had doubts about the safety.


I think people send those sorts of messages in jest. Never in their most morbid nightmares would they think they won’t get through the plane journey in one piece.

My guess is he sent those tongue-in-cheek messages but as tragic fate would have it, the plane actually didn’t make it


Don’t all planes have to have a safety test before take off? Or is the onus more on the pilot for private planes?

From the initial reports it sounds as if the plane should not have been allowed to take off


but thinking of it though it has to be more than in jest, he was said to be uncomfy with how the plane was in the first trip and it didnt wanna take off multiple times…why the fuck do you get on a plane like that. I just dont know if i could, especially if my gut was making me feel so uneasy i would have to go with my gut he basically knew he was in danger but ignored his feelings on the matter so did the stupid fucking pilots. The firm that allowed that plane to fly should be under criminal investigation because it is obvious they arent looking after their aircraft properly and allowed this to happen in the first place.


All aircraft need a national certificate of airworthiness issued, not sure what the deal is with new planes like new cars in the UK only need an MOT after 3 years from brand new purchase date, but aircraft need to be checked every year and issued a certificate accordingly, during that time the onus is on the pilot to make sure everything is safe during pre flight checks.


Sometimes horrible things just happen. We are a long way from knowing anything and sadly its not going to change anything
Even if the pilot has made a mistake he has probably also left loved ones behind. Best to just let the story develop for now.


News currently saying they might be alive in a life raft, I don’t see how it’s possible and how they haven’t been found yet if that’s the case.


Non League club hire robot coach


This is why England voted for Brexit. These foreign refs coming over and taking there jobs!!


They’ve ended the search.


Such a sad situation. I wonder what Cardiff will do now. Like what is the right thing for them to do? If they go out and buy another striker, is that insensitive?


They should probably sign another one, if they have the cash. They needed one but perhaps a bit late in the day to get another decent one in? They asked the FA for an extension but they said no.


So sad. Image they can never find him :frowning:


It would be nice if what happened is that some team who have a decent striker knocking about loan one to Cardiff for free.

Very sad situation all round.


Very sad, but it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever be found. Maybe at some point some identifiable wreckage will wash up on a beach somewhere and authorities will be able to get some idea of what happened. Very slim odds, though.