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Cardiff just signed this guy for 12M


Not looking great that. Fear a tragedy here. Hope im wrong.


Fuck, praying for a miracle here.


I pray for the best but it doesn’t look great. Seems weird for a plane to go missing between France and the UK, not sure how bad the conditions were


According to the BBC article the conditions weren’t really bad or unusual. Hopefully we can get some kind of good outcome from this.


Oh fuck! It doesn’t sound good :sob:.



Such a terrible news, fear the worst has happened to Sala and the Pilot. And to think after he finally had his breakthrough season and had gotten the dream move to Premier League, such a cruel fate.




This is such a sad story which could have been prevented. People who own that plane should be looking at Manslaughter charges imo


No chance he is still alive. So sad.


what i dont understand though is if a plane apparently took multiple attempts to take off, then surely something is not right. I would have thought that any company worth their salt and if any sorta pilot worth their job would even after 1 try would be like ‘something is not right here i think it is safest to postpone until we can get another plane or get this plane looked into’

Who in the living fuck still carries on after so many failed attempts. More to the point i would wanna get off a plane that kept on failing a take off because i would be thinking to myself this aint worth my life i rather wait and have to even pay out of pocket to go somewhere this isnt worth it. I just dont know how this could have been attempted so many times much less how anyone would wanna even stay on a plane that failed so many times, the whole scenario i find really bad and just totally wreckless.


No chance, its been too cold.

Once you’re in the water at these temperatures hypothermia sets in extremely quick and it’s just a matter of minutes, no lifesaving equipment or cold water gear on board either. Expected survival time is 30-90 minutes. The reason I know this is that I had to do survival training before working on oil rigs.


What will happen to the £18,000,000?


Poor people on the plane.


Depends if the deal was completed.

If it has gone through I imagine it would be a insurance job for Cardiff to get some money back.


I doubt anyone is thinking about the transfer fee right now to be honest


Also there’s an issue depending on who chartered this plane, prior to the inevitable discovery that it wasn’t even air-worthy


I was thinking exactly this but didn’t want to seem insensitive. Thanks for posting it for me lol

But it’s a good question, even though it’s obviously not what matters most right now.


Private aircraft need to have more stringent regulations. How can you lose a plane ?