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I agree with you in all seriousness. As someone who has grown up in an environment of “outsiders”, I can tell you no one considered Seaman world class around me at the time. He was a brilliant keeper on his day, but he had calamity in him, a little bit like Mad Jens.


As good as De Gea has been, he has not been able to command his defensive colleagues properly like VDS did, which I must say is not entirely on him.


Brilliant video :grin:



Interesting read. Gotta say the ‘long reads’ on the Guardian are always great value


Absolutely love the Guardian’s long reads. That and ‘The Blizzard’ regularly produce very high quality football reading.


Really enjoyed reading that on my lunch break will cheers. Happy the big 6 never got what they wanted. Well they got something but not the main thing.




Savage :sweat_smile:


:arteta: :arteta:


I actually posted this a few months back lol it’s brilliant




Can we buy him as our back up in attack? He looks massive and strong.


He’s Chelsea bound mate :unai:


Mourinho v Klopp :speak_no_evil:




It was Bielik that got taken out! :kosc:


Benjamin Mendy, Michy Batshuayi, GK Nkoudou. Similarities: same agency, same agent, all funny on Twitter... https://t.co/B81T0xNpBL

— Kristof Terreur 📰🎥 (@HLNinEngeland) 20 januari 2019

LOL. This would be quite a disappointment if true. Their tweets being put out by pro’s. Even though that stuff happens on the regular. Michy is funny too follow.


This is brilliant. Open up to read the full thing.