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White came out of that poorly. Never liked the smarmy fuck tbh. I would say though he has a point in the fact that the press dont always ask the questions that the fans want answering.
Then again the quality of journalism has gone down so much in recent years. Someone like a Martin Tyler would be so much better on things like this.




Definitely 5 for me. Don’t know the keeper but VvD, Lampard David Silva and Henry is :fire::fire::fire:


Rüştü, Reçber


If it was for 5 a side football VVD and Lampard would be to slow I reckon.


1 or 3. But leaning towards 3 because Zanetti, Vieira, Sneijder and Shevchenko is an outrageous team


look at the skills on this kid haha


I can do that against traffic cones too.


Our new winger? :henry2:


Wouldn’t last 30 seconds on a Sunday morning up hackney marshes :ambulance:


An English kid would have wiped the cheeky fucker out


I could do that with my eyes closed against @SRCJJ

All those hours in the gym made him totally Ciro Immobile


Leave our defence out of it.


Hahaha you’ll have to see the mobility to believe it brother.


Love how that ball just gliiiiides.


How is not penalty here? Lol!


Anyone seen that stupid poll on the BBC about the greatest GK in the PL era. Schmeichel won it, but de Gea was 2nd and edwin van der Sar 3rd. Wtf?!

Where was Seaman?! In my opinion, there isn’t much between safe hands and Schmeichel. I don’t think any Arsenal fan ever thought, even in the mid 90s where we were struggling in the league- I wish we had their 'keeper instead.


VDS is a massively overrated goalkeeper.


Exactly, I always thought we were pretty equal when it came to Seaman and Schmeichel.


David Seaman was obviously great, but I really do think Schmeichel was a level above. He was so good his sperm won the Premier League.