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U fucking cunt




In other news:


Iniesta :bellerin:


It’s funny because in Liverpool that’s the norm


That star six thing is actually decent tbf


Wayne Rooney’s arrest for public intoxication was a result of feeling “disorientated” after taking sleeping tablets on a flight

Sure mate :poldi:







I didn’t realise some clubs were ripping off their kid fans like this, it’s quite pathetic.

The greed of the PL is something else.


Saw that a little while ago (obvs not that literal report as it was published today) and found myself crossing my fingers and hoping we weren’t one of them.

Not gonna praise us for therefore being classy, but I’m glad we’ve haven’t sunk to those depths.

Such shitty behaviour


Tottenham :xhaka: :gabriel:


Fucking hell. Shamrock Rovers do charge for this (I think it’s about €150 and includes a kit for the kid) but much like jersey sponsors and the like it’s a legitimate source of income for a club of our size.



Must read this :joy:


White really rustled his jimmies haha


The Custis Bear :arteta:




That is immense. Give me that over tiki taka anyday :joy: