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Doesn’t have to be much to do, sit at home and eat and drink more shit and watch telly like the rest of us!


Looking at the championship table and 19 of the 24 teams at one point since its inception has been in the Premier league.


No thank you. One of most boring club out there


Keep them away. They were a shit stain on the league that somehow kept managing to avoid relegation. Not missed.


Visit Rwanda? Pfft. Blyth Spartans got us beat.


No way. Surely a joke.


Probably, and if it is, then it’s fooled the entire British sports media. :joy:

BBC Article:


Visited the website.
Still not sure if real or hoax

Need to ask Keith



When you have football at 5 but Oceana at 9


When I said Silva was overrated, I meant it. So many editorials going on about how he was City’s best player ever. GTFOH.

That accolade is only between Aguero and this guy:

Some of his dumb shit with Pep and birthday cakes overshadow that he was a monster, with a fantastic right foot and technique he had no right to have with his height.


What about Niall Quinn. He’s gotta at least be in the conversation?

Ah I miss the days when they had players like him :santi:


Got a speech at my brothers wedding tomorrow evening and I’m hoping I don’t butcher it.


Are you going to mention Klopp in it? :grin:


Hahahahahaha legit tears here.


Hopefully your bro has been ambitious in choosing a wife. Could be nasty otherwise.


ffs :joy::joy: