Random Football Stuff


Seedorf? Kaka? Zidane?

Lahm over maldini can fuck off also. Paolo has won it as many times as Liverpool. Fucking Steven fucking diving Shithouse Gerrard, get out.


Yeah seedorf over Gerrard for sure.


That number 2. Sign him up :smile:


Does anyone else get a headache from watching soccer AM? Or am I just getting old?




:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Peak pettyness from Jèse


definitely seems to be playing for the right team, bunch of pathetic drama queens at PSG




Live, Videoshh, and Newsshhh :laughing:



If only we could get these numbers from our 1st teams strikers


They should have included Phil Jones.

He’s always giving the opponent gifts.



Sunderland, in the third tier of English league football, have over 46,000 in attendance at todays match! More than Spurs do at Wembley today, and I say that merely to provide context, not to have a dig at the cunts from up the road.

Incredible support from the Mackems :clap:


I’ve been watching the documentary about them on Netflix. It’s not bad.


Tbf Sunderland have absolutely no business being in League 1 haha. Really should be a PL team still if there owner didn’t fuck them


I don’t see that it makes them anything special though. I expect they didn’t get 46,000 when they were losing every weekend in the Championship


27,000 on average last season, fourth highest in the league.

At the end of the day, its a cold boxing day when many would prefer to be at home with the family, to get that many in the ground in League One is noteworthy.

I thought it was of interest anyway…


I can’t imagine there’s much else to do in Sunderland on a boxing day but I still agree with you. :slight_smile: