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Don’t think he was saying anything racial


Very true.


wonder if there is anything in this

Once translated it basically says that Barca could be docking a months wages from him and it could even result in him losing 7% of his income from barca…if this goes ahead i cant see him staying for much longer. It is stupidity because he has been a valuable player to them even when not playing at his best and not even that often he does so much for barcas attack.


At this point the Barcelona could suspend the player from employment and salary between 11 to 30 days in addition to a financial penalty that could reach 25% in salaries equal to or less than 100,000 euros per month. In the case of being superior as with Dembele, up to 10% more could be applied to excess monthly salary.


When did this happen?


Today, 19:30 GMT.


about 4-5 hours ago?


Ah okay, I didn’t see any mention on OA so was curious if this video was legit.


What do people think of this team?


would toss out pique and gerrard, don’t mind the rest that much


I’d fuck Ramos off. Move Lahm to right back and get Cole in at left back.

Hate to say it but I think Cole is the best left back I’ve seen in my time.


What is that team based on? Every player who has featured in the XI since it started?

I’d remove Gerrard, Pique, Casillas straight away. Hard to argue against the others


Agree with 8. Take Pique, Casilas and Stevie G out. Move Ramos to CB with Puyol and bring in don Gigi


Gerrard, Pique, Ramos, Casillas do not deserve to be in that team. There are far better players.


Ramos could retire from football and still get into every team of the year without fail.


Players who have appeared most times in team of the year.


Ah I see. Kinda amazed that Alves isn’t in that squad if that’s what it’s based on


all of you who argue against Casillas, he was pretty much the best keeper for half a decade before Mou messed him up, who would you lot have instead? Buffon? Considering the theme of the XI


Casillas was never the best keeper. Managers as far back as Capello in 2006 wanted to get rid of him but he was untouchable. He was a very prone goalkeeper


Gerrard more than deserves to be in that team.


Seedorf with his 4 CL wins should be there.