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I hate twerking, that’s why


Mbappe: “Oh shit yeah, I wanna see that”






He probably went to one of those “there are no losers, just 2nd winners” schools.

If a draw is a half win, is a loss a quarter win?


A draw is a 1/3 win, because you get 1 point :blush:
This guy still lives in the times when wins were awarded 2 points.



wow, Kick It Out not messing about with the imagery. Powerful vid. The one with just the gums and teeth was vile. Fuck anti-Semitism


He did what?! :eyes:


Who is that lady?
I could see her talk all day.





Last week with Aubameyang and now this. Seems as if there is still a fair way to go before racism is eradicated from the terraces and society


Expected from Chelsea fans.


Don’t think he said black


Grown ass men for fucks sake. Its football, get a life.


:facepalm: What a cunt

@CEO4TAG = Steve Parish, Crystal Palace chairman.


It’s dispictable. Sterling has linked the racism to the media, suggesting their negative reporting of his lifestyle and the difference in their reporting of black players to white players has led to people believing it’s OK to abuse him. Strong statement from him… but probably some truth in it.

A thread of other headlines Sterling has been the subject of


Go on Raheem. Stick it to them.


This is really simplistic and not true. Any prominent footballer playing away in a big game at a rival is going to get tons of targeted abuse when they get close to opposing fans.

People attribute way too much influence to print media generally