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They’re really dragging this out :sleeping:

Just give someone the trophy everyone is over this shit now


Not sure even the die-hard River and Boca fans give a shit about this final now. The whole affair sums up the state of Comebol and the Argentine FA/ grass roots football


Thing is though a lot of people where more interested in the side issue of the fans than the actual game.


Ex-AS Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim arrived in Saudi Arabia today for talks to become the new manager of Al Nasr (FF) https://t.co/RUy4SEcDnh

— Get French Football News (@GFFN) 2 december 2018

This feels like a waste, but…arab money.


Messi down at 5th for the Ballon D’Or shows exactly why these awards are dumb AF.


It’s a shambles for real.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: What a guy. Would love to go on a night out with Ray


Fair play to big Flo, he has these awards in the palm of his hand.

Modric not even the best player at Madrid’s, barelyest midfielder there tbh.

Most fraudulent winner for a long time.




That’s actually disgusting. And it just goes to show how far we are from having a society where women are given the same respect and opportunity as men are. Sexism is still so rampant it’s just a little less in your face than it used to be.

I’m actually so angry that he felt it was acceptable to denigrate her live on stage like that. She’s an elite athlete who’s accomplished something spectacular and his response is to ask her if she knows how to twerk?


What an actual piece of shit.



what a moron


The look of disappointment on her face is actually really quite sad.


Indeed, given how hardcore countries like Norway are on men and women being treated equally I’m not surprised at all.


Yeah that’s what got me so much. A special moment like this won’t be remembered the way it should be.


Who was asking her to twerk?

It wasn’t Patrice Evra pushing back women’s rights by 50 years again, was it?


great game sense by whoever asked the question :+1:


Morons running the award and morons voting for it.


I was gonna have a bit of a rant about how this is typical of FIFA. Pretend to give a shit then do something to belittle. But FIFA aren’t involved here so I won’t.

It is about that a bit though. Whether it’s his own thoughts or the thoughts of others, they don’t care that much about Women’s football or take it that seriously.


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