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It’s just different interpretations of 433, with a keeper more active.

But I think defenders will in future no longer be able to get away with poor passing skills.


or 11 v 11





Cheer up love, its only a stroke.




My favourite football player of all time.


It’s a shame but wholly predictable




Middle East?




Think it will be somewhere else in South America to be honest. The new format will be a one off game held in a neutral venue I believe so I guess it will come into effect a year earlier haha

Edit: this is weird :grin:


Lol how the fuck did this happen. :joy: Chief executive has already resigned :joy::joy:


Think you called it Luca :joy:


What a farce. The final will now be held in Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu :joy: Both sets of fans will be represented but I don’t know how many will be able to afford the flights


sounds about right (quotes from Kitson)


Glad someone came out about this


I’m four pints deep so aware that I might be more emotional and less rational than usual, but that’s got me fucking fuming.

Utterly disgraceful, but like @Trion, I guess I’m glad that someone from their side has finally come out and confirmed what we always knew.


Poldi you beast


This game is never going to happen, is it?


Just play the game behind closed door at a neutral venue and hang your heads in shame. All of this is truly bizarre