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Yea, I bet that’s what they’ll lament the most…


Sarcasm maybe but a lot of people were gonna watch it.


@calum & @Electrifying :xhaka2:

@Luca_from_Italy :xhaka:


Good article about Gordon Taylor and the PFA. All football administration is fundamentally corrupt.


And the drama continues…


If it were any other fans than Boca demanding it I’d understand. Seems wholly hypocritical coming from them though


Totally over this game now.






To be fair, imagine if Rangers and Celtic met in the CL final, and it was a 2 legged affair: one game each at Ibrox and Parkhead.

It would be bedlam.


Ffs is there any point in every playing this then?


gotta love the DM and their anti-arsenal articles, what a fucking shit article this is





i would like to know also, on top of the general shitness of being relegation fodder if it wasnt for our 2nd half performances which is crap anyway but it says we would be relegated full stop. I wanna know what makes that writer think he knows what would have happened in the extra 25 games left to play…such a stupid article on so many points.


What a stupid article.
The Mail have often been anti Arsenal for some reason/
If it wasn’t for Fergie time, Man U wouldn’t have won so many PL titles.

You could argue that if it wasn’t for Mustafi and Xhaka we would be challenging for the top place rather than a top four place :grinning:


Newsflash: Arsenal would be relegated if someone took the stupid and arbitrary decision to completely change the nature of football.


Arsenal relegated. Insert Henry Norris emoji.


Worse than me and my obsession with “we are getting relegated” :xhaka2:



soon it will be 4-6-0 or 3-7-0 or 3-6-1 etc…seriously nuts formation.