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It’s more flirting than shots fired tbh

Desperate for some of that Norn Iron dick


Cocky fucker.


You should set higher standards.


Hazard is too good ffs



Good banta


WHEEEY! :wenger:


Not as bad as the one Leeds United proposed and then binned, but still bad :joy:


Immediately thought of this



Pointless bit of trivia for ya

Sunderland were the first European side to wear kit made by Nike, between 1983 & 1986, with this cheeky little number


@Bl1nk @Electrifying enjoy. ORNSTEINNNNNN!


Will tuck into this soon, the Ornstein one last year and this summer was the only podcast I ever listened to


You should give it a listen weekly. Gunnerblog and Arseblog are great guys. One of the peaks of supporting this club is this podcast every single Monday imo :joy:


First one i’ve listened to, very information. The host was good


Random thought, but its kinda frustrating that both Sceszny and Fabianski are now top golkeepers and both would be our number one at the moment, i especially like Fabianski in my opinion if you look at his form lately, the best keeper in the prem.


It was our keeper coach. Funny how they all got good when they left :thinking:


Wow, that’s a bold take.


You could argue about Leno, but i wouldnt say it’'such a bold statement, and fab is leading premier league goalkeepers in many statistics


To be clear, the bold statement part was about Fabianski being the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, rather than me taking issue because of Leno. I dont rate the guy much tbh


Yeah i know it migh be a little too much, but he has been brilliant for west ham this season, my mate who follows west ham cannot stop praising him, and there is also this: