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Most saves mean you have a shit defence who rely on their GK to bail them out imo.

Not a diss against Fabianski tho


That is for sure one part of it, but its still a good stat


I like Fabianski, but I think Ben Foster has been the best GK in the league this season




We can only dream :santi:


Fabianski is quality, and he started showing it in our FA Cup run to the final as well.

Such a shame we seemed to make these keepers look so shit all the time.


Not even Buffon at his highest peak could save us shamo :santi:


Good article this. Remember thinking he was gonna be one of the best player’s in world but just didn’t happen for him


Such a sad situation.


They should get paid but it’s a bit shitty to be like this before the poor guys body has even been recovered.


Agree both of them have lost out in a absolutely tragic death no one anticipated. At least wait till after his funeral etc and show some respect. Very cunty move from Nantes


You’d think they could just wait for one more fucking week until they’ve actually retrieved the body… Incredible


If they were hypothetically chasing up the estate of Sala for money owed I’d agree it’s a cunt move, but its Cardiff they want the money from. Theres a contract in place and they’re entitled to expect Cardiff to honour it, and ask them to do so. I dont see that theres anything particularly wrong with them asking Cardiff to honour it. People say wait for the body to be recovered, what if that diesnt happen, or takes months? At what point does it become respectable for then to want the money? And if this causes any hurt to his family, thats on whoever leaked this to BBC Wales, not Nantes, as I’ve got no doubt they woukd have wanted to go about this quietly and privately.


Show some respect to who? They’re not asking his sister for the money.

They’ve lost a player and they’ve lost money. So far Cardiff really haven’t lost anything.

They shouldn’t even have to ask tbh if they’ve agreed to pay in installments.


What about Cardiff though? They’ve just got to pay £15m for nothing?


A transfer was successfully completed, death doesn’t void the deal between the clubs


Yes, if the contract was signed already. For their sake hopefully they’re covered by some sort insurance.


Also re: the timing, just because some newspaper source has got a hold of it and has decided to release it as an emotionally-charged story at this particular time (pre body recovery), doesnt mean of course that Nantes intended for this info to come out at this time.

It’s a conversation at board room level that should’ve presumably stayed there between Nantes and Cardiff. Nantes are not bad guys for asking for the money owed


Yeah sadly for Cardiff if the transfer was all completed Nantes are well within their rights to expect the money.


Cardiff have lost a player though. This really is not like any other circumstance. Needs to be a precedent put in place for this sort of thing.
This is going to make the inquest more ugly now on the negligence side as Cardiff may look into that for their compensation.