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I can see this getting rather ugly


Well, exactly. He was Cardiff’s player at that point, in the least cold-hearted way possible, that isn’t Nantes’ problem. The player had been sold, it was finalised, they’re due their money.

This will never happen again, I dont think any precedent needs setting.



Ornstein arsecast really good as per usual. Really interesting how the club are gonna try big for Rabiot in the summer.


Rabiot comes with a bit of a cloud over him and his hoe/agent mom but he’d surely be an upgrade over Xhaka.


Also the breakdown of the Mislintat era and how it was quite hostile. Very worthwhile a listen lads

@Castiel that was mentioned as the one thing that goes against him his entourage haha. Said he wants big money



Are you cheating on F365?


No comment your honour



You couldn’t make it up couldn’t you lol


Fucking pathetic :xhaka:


I’m sure it was all above board.


What a shit sport this has become with appointments like that.


Is there no concept of ‘conflict of interest’?

Wait I read the purpose of ECA. It’s seems fine.
Don’t see anything wrong with it now.


Yea I think David Dein held a similar role in the past with UEFA.


A fun bit of Friday evening nonsense.



What kind of cunts would even think to do this? Unbelievable


With the abuse culture that’s widely accepted in football, sadly I can’t say I find it unbelievable at all.