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Tbh that was doing the rounds in the 70s and 80s on the munich disaster at united games.



Answers in spoiler tags. I had 2 minutes and 41 seconds left on the clock when I got the third.



As soon as I saw this photo I knew this joke was going to be made lol




I wonder if they actually thought these guys would all be starting players for Arsenal eventually and didn’t do this as commercial gimmick. It must be the latter.


Doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive



I’ve ceased to be embarrassed by these fucking yokels when they talk about football/soccer. It just makes me sad and angry now. Kind of like when you see someone driving slow and shitty and you think yourself… “please, god… don’t be Asian, don’t be Asian, don’t be Asian”. Then you pull up next to them and it’s a Korean lady. I just want to pull them over and scream at them “DON’T FEED THE STEREOTYPE!!!”. What do you do?




By that logic, we achieved a 100% winning record in 2003/04 :sunglasses: Maybe we could do with this chap for marketing purposes :ramsey:


Didnt @SRCJJ do an article on the old site on this subject. Remember commenting on it but to many birthdays ago to recall it in full.:grinning:


That is indeed perfect. Wow.
Wish I had a way to shortlist videos.


"Of course, if we are contractually obliged to pay them then of course we will. We are an honourable club.

"But if we are not - and there are some anomalies in that - then surely you would expect me as the chairman and guardian of this club’s interests to look into that and hold our position. That is what we are doing.

“We are still in the process of gathering information and that process will be ongoing. And when we reach a level where we have enough information, I am sure we will sit down with Nantes and move forward.”

“[Nantes] have asked for what they believe is the money due to them and there is a process and they have initiated that process,” he added.

"What we are saying is, that we are not in agreement with that process given the extraordinary events that have taken place and the tragic circumstances. We are not making any positive or negative statements.

“We are simply saying, please understand there are a lot of questions which need to be answered and that is what we are trying to do.”

Cardiff still stalling on the payment. Just pay them. The player was a Cardiff player so whatever happened after the transfer was completed doesn’t change the fact that you owe Nantes the money. This is a greater tragedy for Nantes than it ever will be for Cardiff.


I find it fascinating that there isn’t a case of some sort of insurance that pays out, obviously as with all insurance it isn’t a case of x is damaged let’s pay out but surely every club not just Cardiff must have something in place in case of such an event as this.








Do we always celebrate his birthday? I don’t recall seeing montages before. Seems odd to do it for his 59th!

But yeah, the GOAT of refereeing. When referees knew what they were doing. You wouldn’t need VAR with him around!