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How do you feel about O Neil and Keane being relived of the jobs with Ireland @shamrockgooner.


I think it had to happen. They never really should have got new contracts after the flirting O’Neill did with Stoke and Everton last year. I think that damaged the relationship with the players. As did the argument between Keane and Arter and lately O’Neill has been bemoaning the players available. Once a manager starts that it’s the beginning of the end and thankfully it hasn’t been dragged out and into the euro qualifiers.


Break a man’s jaw, 50 day house arrest on a tag.


Seen Carlos Queiroz linked to the job. Could be one from outside the box if appointed. Be a bold statement but not sure it happens.
Most irish fans seem to think the time was right to go. Had his moments but the style of play seems to have now turned a lot away now.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Big Sam wants it @shamrockgooner


Looks like it might be Big Mick from the early noise. Would welcome him back.


I love him simply for that suave look he did straight down the lens when on the touchline haha

Edit: fuck it, it’s worth a repost lol


Not good enough without the subs.

too slow mystyboy :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhhhhh yes, the subs really do enhance the brilliance.

I’d give you two likes if I could




Well who’s to blame then? :joy::joy: Funny how you left if you loved Wenger that much :thinking:


Hey leave Bac alone. He was one of our most consistent and reliable performers during the banter era. I’m sure he loves Wenger, but he loves money more.


I had to dig him out a bit when he was very critical of fans who slated Wenger for our failings after he left because of said failings, but aside from that I love Bac and I get why he loves Wenger and why he left.


This is pretty ridiculous. Filling the stadium just for a training session!


I always wonder whats life like South America. They seem more distant & disconnected than any other continent, even Africa.




So? Problems?


Not sure if that sort of dedication should be applauded or not. They just seen so enthralled with football there that I think is in part to not having much else considering how consecutive Argentinean governments just bring economic ruin


Luca have you ever considered coaching?

I was offered a coach position of a little league team once, had to turn it down due to work commitments


Nope because my work takes too much of my time :wink: