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I get that in a normal environment that bonus would seem reasonable. But football markets itself as “The people’s game”, which makes this situation laughable. Also, he’s not even bloody leaving! He’s going to earn more as a consultant than he did from his salary as executive chairman!

I also find it annoying that Scudamore promised to give 5% of PL income to grassroots football. That never happened. But hey, as long as he gets another £5m out of the PL it’s all good.


Banking executives are answerable to shareholders, and operate in an industry that is literally about the generation of money (insert PL joke here). A bankers bonus isn’t going to take money away from grass roots banking.

Football has a social aspect to it, getting kids into football for the future of the game, keeping kids off the streets, investment in deprived areas. If people can get outraged at executives in the health and education sectors getting basically any bonuses I can see why the same might apply here.

I guess it might be alright for the PL as a rich organisation to give a bonus to its outgoing executive, but I think it’s a bit weird to come up with the idea and then want to do that by scrounging the money from the clubs. Is that normal practice in other industries? Are PL clubs treated like PL shareholders?


Also, I think them asking Huddersfield for a contribution is like in Friends when Ross’s neighbours ask him to pay a $100 towards Howard the handy man’s retirement even though Ross has only just moved into the building :laughing:


Ahem Dr. Geller “Ross”


“I HAD just moved in, thank you”

Ah love that episode :grinning:


Football, particularly in England stopped being the “The people’s game” a long time ago. This semtiment is completely meaningless in modern football


I am fine with hefty bonus and think his service deserves it but a bonus or gift can’t be as big as his 2 year salary. It doesn’t make sense.



LOL The commentary is brilliant


Jordan beats India in the first ever game between the two countries. The Jordan goalie marked the occasion by scoring.


Name me a bigger waste of time and energy than Paul Gascoigne


Isn’t that molestation rather than an assualt?

Not saying it is not horrible what he did.


Molestation is sexual assault/abuse.


Touch an ass after getting drunk?



French getting a little too crazy methinks.

The disrespect poor Messi and Ronaldo are getting this year is unreal.

They’re still the best 2 players on the planet.

Varane :arteta:


It’s outrageous that the two best players in the world are not even in the top 3. They’re still so far ahead of everybody else lol


A farce, but we’ve seen before how WC performances can be weighted unreasonably heavy (imo).


Id have Salha in that 3 tbh.


Varane is showing this season why he shouldn’t win it.