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I’m pretty positive these kind of directors have all sort of bonusses within their compensation package already and he has already been compensated for his performance.


He’s already getting a bonus. His basic is 900k a year and with bonuses it’s up to 2.5 million a year. There are obvious clear metrics there to define his success, and he is being judged as being successful and paid accordingly.

Fuck everyone stumping up an extra quarter of a mill to give him 5 million extra to say goodbye, I can’t see the justification for it when he’s already receiving huge bonuses.

Edit: yep @SDGooner, you just about beat me to it.


I get where you’re coming from tbh but the justification isn’t just to reward him for a job well done but to appeal future employees at excutive level too.

In a business sense I’m not outraged at all, this is pretty routine espeical with the performance of the league in mind.What’s £5m in a multibillion industry?


Considering this, 5m is really steep as that would be like 2 year’s worth salary for the guy.


If you want to appeal to future employees then I’d think the main way of doing that is by making the contract on offer an attractive one. Paying one bloke an off the cuff 5 mill payment to attract the next bloke seems like a strange approach to recruitment.

I’m far from an expert on big business, but I wasn’t aware of ad hoc, out of the blue bonuses when people leave being that typical, but maybe they are (I mean that genuinely, no snark intended)



Jokes. The guy showed some initiative. Meanwhile, the referees who make dreadful call after dreadful call and those who have to ask a player if he took his top off because he was off getting a cup of tea are free to roam the field.

Replace the coin toss with rock, paper, scissors IMO. It’s the 21st century people, we live in a cashless society!


I’m very glad I didn’t go into football admin. Imagine having to be that much of a jobsworth twat.


Ha, I saw this pop up during SSN yesterday and thought it must’ve been some sort of joke. @Phoebica is quite right, I like that the ref showed some initiative, but instead, they decide to suspend him for 21 days. :xhaka: Absolutely strange.


Initiative would have been to use his little pencil to draw the queen’s face on the back of his red card and then toss it in the air.

Rock Paper Scissors is not a 50/50 outcome so I am in support of my fellow jobsworths in punishing this sacrilege.


Whilst that’s true about 50/50 technically a crow could steal the coin during the toss and what would happen then? Eh!?


No, it’s better than that. It’s a battle of the minds


Could just put the ticket prices up.:sunglasses:


Not sure how valid this is but, I’m running with it.

Just the £3.75M bonus then :xhaka2:


Those clubs have now gone up in my estimation


I’m one of the few on the forum (or in the world it seems lol) who doesn’t actually mind this gesture.


I wouldn’t mind as much it if he hadn’t already received numerous bonuses over the years on top of his handsome salary.

I’m surprised people think it’s fine to give him even more. I have nothing against him, he’s done some good work for the PL. But it’s an obscene amount of money and whoever suggested the idea is out of touch with reality. I mean, some stadiums have people outside collecting for food banks FFS. It’s another up yours to the average working fan. Just give him some John Lewis vouchers and a bunch of flowers! The guy isn’t even completely leaving, he’s been given an advisory role.

There are so many teams/charities/groups within football who would hugely benefit from just a portion of that bonus. I saw a tweet from someone at the Wheelchair FA, who helps blind adults and kids play the game they love, who said they get hardly anything and a small amount of that £5m would be like winning the lottery! It’s bizarre I think, really bad PR.


Yea it’s not my money so idgaf basically. Not like the clubs were gonna spend the money on lowering ticket prices or anything meaningful otherwise.


I don’t think £5m is a lot of money when you factor in the growth the PL has gone through under his leadership. Clubs are generating billions of pounds a year and it’s the most watched league in the world and he’s an integral part of the reason why.

Clubs regularly sack managers and pay out significantly higher sums when doing so, so to me Scudamore getting a nice bonus for all the good wr he’s done to grow the PL doesn’t really seem particularly disproportionate to me.

In today’s game £5m is nothing. It’s a quarter of a million pounds from 20 of the wealthiest clubs in the game.


It’s a sickening amount when you consider it’s going all to one man who already has plenty of money. However, as bonuses go he probably does deserve it tbh. There have been banking executives who have got a higher bonuses for failing in their jobs.