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2-1 stroke of HT.


Loved the passion on this goal.


Those stands are gonna fall down one day, incredible passion from the fans.


Crazy game! Defending is amateurish but it’s so intriguing

Omg what a chance for Boca to win it at the end. Should’ve scored from there


Big chance missed from Boca here.


Great game all and all. Boca were better though.


2-2 FT. Not watched much of it, but it looked very good.


Second leg a week on Saturday should be :fire:


Two legged finals are terrible


Did our League Cup Final used to be a two legged affair? Or am I just thinking of those few occasions where the FA Cup Final went to a replay and getting confused?


Very early days they did. Mid 60s they went to one off finals at Wembley. Our fairs cup final in 1970 was 2 legged as was subsequent UEFA cup finals till 1998.


quite an interesting video, cannot say how accurate it is but seems quite good


What the fuck


he has enough money and has done nothing of use for the game so he can fucking do one


Cheeky cunt.


I recently discovered Tifo, I posted one of their videos about Figo’s transfer to Real Madrid in this thread.

Its a really good channel, I’d definitely recommend it to people. I’m constantly watching short videos on YouTube while I cook or whatever else I’m doing round the house, and their videos are perfect for that.


On the face of it that seems properly mental. But when I think about it just a little bit more it turns out I don’t give a fuck.

Wait until people hear that it’s a woman taking over the position from him. That’ll really get poeple riled :grin:


Absolutely ridiculous if clubs agree to this. How much was he earning? 2 or 3 million a year? Donate to grassroots football instead or a charity (in his name if they must) or anything that doesn’t involve making a rich man richer!


On the metrics and growth if the league, that bonus is deserved.

In a football sense it’s disgusting. The government needs to introduce a levy on the premier league’s wealth.


I’m not sure about the particulars but the Premier League has grown exponentially during his time and I imagine he’s played a very influential and important role in that. I mean he’s played his part in the wealth generated by the PL these days so it’s not an outrageous request and it seems clubs are more than willing to accommodate it too.