Random Football Stuff


It’s happening at 7pm UK time tomorrow now


The game has been postponed. They will play tomorrow at 7pm.


Do you not look at other people’s posts Luca before posting? :gunnersaurus:


Copa Waterpoles


You have become boring.


I was rushing home for this lol. Fucking typical


No more boring than your excessive updates no one asked for.


Ban me.





See you tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Actually did it. :giroud:


Tbh that is harsh as fuck. Luca does this forum a great service with all the updates and goal posts. Would be a poorer forum without them


The ban is of course harsh albeit only for few hours.

But Luca gets triggered way too easy each time someone makes a mild joke on him. Haha


I do apologize, but sometimes i think to be the clown of the board.




Imagine if that happened against us tho…fuck i would be as angry as hell.


What happened before that? Was the player actually injured? I have questions!!!



BOCA 1-0!!!



1-1 River!

This game is nuts haha. Shocking goalkeeping for both goals.


This game is CRAZY, ref doesn’t give a fuck, love it.

Edit : 2-1 boca