Random Football Stuff


Is that final really with 2 legs?


How good was Robinho?


RIP McDonalds near El Obelisco.


Nowhere near as good as people expected him to be.


I was checking his Wikipedia and was surprised that he was 24/25 when he moved to City.
Think that move ate away his motivation.
Anything after Real Madrid would have felt like a stepdown but City at the time must have been felt like an end of a top level career.




10.49 was a criminal offence


Least BT are showing it aswell. Means it’s HD haha


Proper glad this game is getting the recognition it deserves


Marketing ain’t recognition bruh :slight_smile:


Fair point haha. I’ll rephrase it, I’m glad this game is on UK tv :grin:


The marketing means that people like me are aware of what’s happening and will be watching. I’d call that increased recognition.



Good article on some of the background to River vs Boca


So who’s watching it tonight? (The first leg of the Copa Lib) I’m pumped :smiley:




Yeah… that game aint happening today.


What crazy scenes. The hype for this will be real #pray4argentinariotpolice


Still a better pitch than Wembley


Damn, They hold a hope for a delayed match?

I would totally watch it if they play in these conditions.