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Because he fucked his chance.
So why should he?


It’s pretty simple to me. The ball is still active and where it goes after a miss is a minefield. We’ve seen instances where a missed penalty leads to a goal up the other end. I don’t want a layer of unpredictability like that taken out of the game.


Nice to see FIFA have their priorities right and are tackling the big issues in the game.


I’d personally prefer them to make sure Man City and PSG get fined 9 figures at the very least and banned from international competition for about 5 years, but yeah, penalty retake bans were second on the list



Yes, but they are the rare manifestation of sweet justice but more often it is just another opportunity to score.
I rather see a keeper rejoice a save or miss.


Fixing what isn’t broken, ignoring what is


After a deadball situation the ball becomes active again, I don’t see why this should be different for penalties or why we’d want to introduce a rule that limits the flow of play.

That moment in that Championship play off match (Watford and Cardiff?!) when an illegitimate penalty was taken and missed and the other team went straight down the other end and scored is one of my favourite non Arsenal moments in memory.


Haha I was watching that extremely hungover the day after my 21st wondering wtf I just watch happen :joy::joy::joy:

Watford vs Leicester btw :wink:


My problem with it is that the keeper is punished twice or more even after the punishment(penalty) has been delivered.
Even if it is an open play, it is still massively advantageous to the attacking side.
Not only is there a player one on one with the keeper in an event of rebound, but there are also several attacking players all poised to join in. Defensive players are also facing the goal, so even if they clear, their clearance will most likely be another corner or a throw.
It has always felt like an incentive to fucking up a certain goal opportunity.

That is also one of my favourite non-Arsenal moments but those are extremely rare.


That actually didn’t happen, it was a simulation that we were made to believe was real. It was pretty convincing all the way through, but the fact that Almunia made a save gave it away.


I laughed but Almunia was always good at penalties


He didn’t only save the penalty though, he saved the rebound too. That shit never happens in real life!


Back in the days when Man Utd used to be sponsored by Umbro, how come they were allowed to use an Umbro football for their home games, while every club in the League had to use Mitre balls instead? Considering this was very much their own thing for about a decade, I’m surprised not more of a fuss was made about it and that other clubs didn’t try do their own thing as well.


Illuminati confirmed.



Usually quite a fierce derby, thought some people might be interested in watching it


Is that the first time Boca and River have met in a Libertadores final?


Yep. Pretty surprising.


The picture quality on that channel is absolutely horrendous tho haha


Wow, Argentina riot police better be ready… :gabriel: