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Cocky cunt got what he deserved.


This isn’t a leak this is all common knowledge lol


^^^ sounds about right, mancity especially i have always thought to myself how the fuck have they got so much money to spend on players never getting banned from europe and getting this massively inflated deals and getting away from it. How can fucking Mancity that have only recently come into success have more revenues than Arsenal when they have less matchday income cant fill their stadium etc.


Platini, bent?!


Looks like what rodeo clowns wear


Exactly haha


It’s not a shocking revelation, but now that there are some (purported) facts in the public domain, there should be a level of media scrutiny that wasn’t there before.

Even if nothing comes of this (which is likely to be the case) I’m still glad that these bastard clubs will get some negative press. Not that it will affect their ability to compete or buy success, but still, I’ve learned to take victories where I can no matter how small


What’s the point of FFP again ? Even if you get caught out breaching the rules you don’t really receive much of a punishment do you ?


Fucking bent cunts


makes for an extremely painful experience :henry2:


I watched a documentary on the Scandinavian prison system a while ago (I know how to live!) and they’re basically like hotels. They act more as a rehabilitation centre rather than a stereotypical prison. Rooms look like dorm room rather than cells and they give them lessons in various subjects in order to prepare them for life outside. They’re even allowed to wear their own clothes and cook their own meals. They treat them like people.

Bendtner will basically be living like the Lord he is.


At least it’s out in the open now. I mean it was obvious in that no way Man City and PSG have the highest revenues in football (more than United or Madrid like it has been the past few years)

Platini and Sarkozy have done a lot to fuck up football during their time in charge, the ubercunts.


Haven’t heard a peep on this from the UK football media.

They truly are all in on the City PR machine and are a pack of gutless cowards.

Heard a city lawyer said of a dead FFP official, ‘1 down, 6 to go’. Scum


This is a really interesting interview with Ryan Mason. He’s went through a lot.


Some 14 year old scored in the Paraguay league… he must be something


or its just a crap league :henry2:

In all seriousness tho for a 14 year old he took that well :xhaka2:


Fifa proposing to do away with rebounds from penaltys and award free kick to opposition. Why?


I like it. Penalty kick is one of sure shot ways to score a goal. The kick taker had his chance. Why should he get a second chance if he fucks up?


On the other hand, why shouldn’t he? :slight_smile: